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Pluses of Digital Storytelling in Classroom

No description

Sona Manukyan

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Pluses of Digital Storytelling in Classroom

Pluses of Digital Storytelling in Classroom
It develops creativity and critical thinking

Students who are shy and
afraid to talk in class get a chance
to speak out their minds.
It empowers students voice to deliver
rich,deep message that is capable of
conveying a powerful message.
It promotes the notions of
life long learning
and independent learning.
It develops students'
communicative skills.
It is a reflective process
that helps students reflect
upon their learning.
It fosters students'
sense of individuality
Students creating digital stories
develop proficiency with
multimedia applications.
Digital storytelling is more
powerful than other forms of
storytelling because the digital format immediately makes a student's knowledge available to a global audience.
The topics that are used in
digital storytelling range from
personal tales to the recounting of
historical events.
The process of creating digital work
is just as meaningful as
the stories created.
The cooperative learning process of discussion and reflection that students engage in as they work together to storyboard, shoot, and edit their digital stories is critical to the learning process.
Stages of digital Storytelling
Stage One
Students get a chance to speak out their minds.They tell their stories.
Stage Two
Students deliver rich and deep message,give value to it and communicate.
Stage Three
Students collect images,videos,information to support their stories.
Stage Four
Students digitize their stories.
Stage Five
Students publish their stories online.
Stage Six
Make digital stories with:
Photo Story
Movie Maker
Story Bird
Corel Video Studio

Sona Manukyan
Thank you for your attention
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