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Does Technology Affect People's Health?

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H Johnston

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Does Technology Affect People's Health?

Does Technology Affect People's Health?
There's so many different types of technology and its being developed into more new things. This can make people want to try out new things and almost become obsessed with technology. Although technology might be creative and successful, it might stop people from doing physical exercise. Staring at screens almost 24/7 can be bad for your eyes and a lot of people and looking at a screen in their spare time.
When on a phone call for quite a long time, scientists are trying to figure out if harmful rays are coming off of phones. These rays could go from the phone to the brain. This could conclude in a slightly high blood pressure when in use (returns back to normal when not using anymore). A mild fatigue after prolonged use. A recent study in Sweden suggested that an acoustic neurofibroma (a tumour formed on a nerve cell) are twice as common in mobile phone users than in those who do not use mobiles.
Scientists have tried to find out around how many hours per week people would usually spend using technology. For a lot of people, its around 17 hours per day using technology - whether its at school, work, on transport or anything because technology is almost everywhere. From the second people wake up till they go to sleep many people use technology whilst they're doing anything. Using technology is good for communications, calculators, alarms etc but they can sometimes be dangerous when 'over used'.
Hours Spent on Technology
It's good that technology has been developed and created into many things but when it affects peoples health, it should be created into something safer for people. Even if they aren't the worst illnesses or you dont get the worst affects from phones, they stillmcould be improved into safe devices.
Megan Nuttall
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