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Acrylic & Modacrylic Fabrics

No description

michaela solano

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Acrylic & Modacrylic Fabrics

Properties of Acrylic
Fabric Properties on Mod Acrylic Fabrics Acrylic & Modacrylic
Fabrics! - when acrylonitrile is combined with other materials then the fabric is either wet spun or dry spun Uses For Acrylic: How Modacrylic Is Made. - any fiber that is made out of acetate fibers and yarns Wet Spinning - the filaments are held over the steam of the solvent What is Acrylic Fabric? - usually similar to wool (but sometimes can be
altered not to to the producers needs) - many of the same properties of acrylic fabrics (soft, strong, etc.) -> Acetate fibers- a man-made material made from cellulose or a material that is made from a natural fiber and altered to be made into a material like yarn - soft -nonabsorbent -warm -prone to static - when not in yarn form (its natural form) it is heat sensitive What is Modacrylic Fabric? - a modified version of acrylic fabric that contains 35% - 85% acrylonitrile (a main element in acrylic fabrics) but also contains other materials Sources: "Modacrylic Fiber." Modacrylic Fiber - Modacrylic Staple Fiber, Modacrylic Tow Fiber. Fiberworld Classroom, 1997-2012. Web. 24 Feb. 2013. <http://www.fibersource.com/f-tutor/modacrylic.htm>. - help with protection against harm - flame resistant - easy to dye colors - clothing (including outerwear, artificial fur, and knitted items) - knitted blankets Uses For ModAcrylic: - fireproof fabric (children's sleepwear, firefighter clothes) -reflective clothing Dry Spinning How Acrylic is Made. - Is either wet spun or dry spun - the filaments is dipped into a chemical bath and when it is taken out the bath the substance is now a fiber Mazuharul Md. "Textile Learner." What Is Spinning? Textile Learner, 2012. Web. 24 Feb. 2013. <http://textilelearner.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-is-spinning-types-of-spinning-dry.html>. Care - wash at warm temperatures and dry at low temperatures Acrylic Fabric Modacrylic Fabric - dry-cleaning for certain items - wash at warm temperature and dry at low temperatures - ironing ---> use low setting Hollen, Norm, et al. Textiles. 6th ed. Vol. 6. U.S.A.: Macmillian Publishing Company, 1988. Print. Textiles.
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