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Training & Education

No description

Greer Goodloe

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Training & Education

Training & Education
Why train our employees?
What's worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.
- Zig Ziglar
Engineering Courses
TPC Training Systems
TPC is a web based platform that was developed to provide structured training in skills related to job requirements.
Timeline for Implementation
What are the costs?
“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela

Property Management Courses
Q2 2015
Q3 2015
Q4 2015
Q1 2015
First Quarter 2015
Second Quarter 2015
Make initial presentations to local leadership for input

Work with leadership to refine curriculum list
Third Quarter 2015
Obtain final approval from senior management and directors

Present program at the Summit
Fourth Quarter 2015
Hire a program developer for property management classes

Begin creating content for property management courses

Review successes and challenges in 2015

Identify goals and objectives for 2016
1st Quarter
Implement engineering program
Conduct BETA testing for the initial PM course
Work on content for additional property management courses

2nd Quarter
Engineering training will be fully implemented
Launch at least six (6) property management courses by the end of the second quarter
Questions & Answers
Industry Educational Offerings
Real Property Administrator (RPA®)
$6,715 self study
$11,995 instructor led (online)
Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®): $3,550
Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®): $5,575
+ annual dues

USGBC, ICSC, IREM, BOMA Conferences: $2,500-$5,000 per conference per person
Certified Commercial Investment Member
$5,640 prepaid
+ annual dues

Certified Property Manager (CPM®)
$5,674 member
$6,705 non-member
+ annual national and local dues
Identify a web based platform to house the training program
Monthly safety training
Industrial safety and health
Hand tools
Portable power tools

Mathematics in the plant
Troubleshooting skills
Basic mechanics
The refrigeration cycle
Introduction to water technology

Asbestos awareness
EPA Universal Certification
Maintenance Technician
Piping systems

Basic electricity and electronics
Basic electrical maintenance

Budget basics (in-house)

Personal Development
Communicate with Confidence (book)
Soft skills
Monthly safety training

Refrigerants and refrigerant oils
Evaporators and metering devices
Condensers and cooling towers
Control systems
Air handling systems
System troubleshooting
Heating system basics
Heating system equipment
Basic pneumatics
Pneumatic troubleshooting
Water treatment for HVAC applications (in-house)

Plumbing system maintenance
Building Technician I
Basic electrical maintenance
Transformers and AC circuits
Electrical measuring instruments
Electrical safety and protection
Three phase systems
AC control equipment
Electrical troubleshooting

Asbestos awareness
EPA universal certification

Invoices, general ledgers and operating reports (in-house)

Personal Development
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity (book)
Soft skills
Monthly safety training
Basic electrical maintenance
Asbestos Awareness
EPA universal certification
Work order system management IMPAK training (in-house)
Insurance (in-house)
Budgeting (in-house)
Accounting (in-house)

Monthly safety training (required of all levels)

Basic electrical maintenance

Asbestos awareness
EPA universal certification
BOS/BOM (Continued)
Maintenance Management
Maintenance organization
Implementing preventative maintenance
Controlling maintenance resources
Improving performance in maintenance

Personal Development
Effective communication for supervisors
Employee relations
Managing a training program
OSHA record keeping for managers and supervisors
Conflict resolution in the office
The drama triangle
Building Technician II &
Building Operations Supervisor/Manager
Intermediate contracts
Intermediate accounting (include reconciliations, pre-bills, budgets)
Intermediate risk management
Maintaining positive tenant relationships while administering the lease agreement
Lease abstracts *
Codes and permits
Intermediate sustainability
Building transitions and commissioning
Soft skills
Intermediate technical training
Assistant Property Manager
Property Manager & Senior Property Manager
Property Manager
Requirements of the management agreement *
Financial reporting package
Budget process
Advanced risk management
Maintaining positive tenant relationships while administering the lease agreement
Leadership in sustainability
Taxes and financial/investment analysis
Advanced technical training

Senior Property Manager
Handling litigation for a claim
Media management
The drama triangle *
Intro to contracts
Intro to accounting (include AR, reconciliations, pre-bills, budgets, software training)
Intro to risk management (include RMIS)
Fire warden training and drills (city specific)
Intro to customer service *
Intro to lease administration
Intro to sustainability/LEED
Soft skills
Intro to technical training
Property Administrator
Select a web based platform to host the training program

Develop a course outline for property management
Develop a course catalog for engineering and property management
Create online property management courses
Establish course requirements by job title
Initiate a mentor program for all participants
Track participant progress and report status to senior management
Engineering curriculum was developed through extensive survey work, personal interviews and input from various professional groups.
This platform will be used to house the property management courses as well.
TPC - Engineering: $31,565
Safety Courses: $10,500
Course Developer: $37,500
Misc./Admin.: $5,000
Total: $84,565
TPC - Engineering: $26,565
Safety Courses: $10,500
Course Developer: $75,000
Misc./Admin.: $5,000
Total: $117,065
TPC - Engineering: $26,565
Safety Courses: $10,500
Course Developer: $75,000
Misc./Admin.: $5,000
Total: $117,065
TPC - Engineering: $26,565
Safety Courses: $10,500
Course Developer: $20,000
TPC - Prop. Mgmt.: $2,000
Total: $59,065
TPC: $26,565
Safety Courses: $10,500
Total: $37,065
Total 5 Year Investment
Courses for all Departments
Stream Culture - Presentation by Mike and Lee *
Emergency Response Procedures
Stream Orientation & Standards - Presentation by HR and Standards Committee
Customer Service & Conflict Resolution *
Intro to Budgets
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