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Juggling work and studies: How can your financial mangement

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Lucy Van Der Merwe

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Juggling work and studies: How can your financial mangement

Juggling work and studies: How can your financial management lead to academic success
How many of us stress because we need the finances to pay for our studies???
You need to save money
In order for you to be less stressed and focus on your studies, you need to be able to save money in order to pay for your studies and other expences
You need to
Differentiate between wants and needs and pay for needs first

Save something every month

Avoid debts

Stretch your money

If you need to make cuts to your spending reduce discretionary spending first and saving and debt repayment last

Do you think stress has a negative effect on your studies and academic life? Motivate your answer.
Take these two quizzes

What is difference between GROSS and NETT pay?
A plan for spending your money

Income – what you get in

Deductions – what employers take off (tax, medical aid, pension, loans, UIF)

Expenses – things you have to pay for (rent, school fees, car payments, insurance, food)

Disposable income – what is left when you
have paid for expenses and deductions
(entertainment, holidays, clothes)

Complete the monthly budget – use your current situation

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