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Chinese philosophy project

No description

Michael Ramirez

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Chinese philosophy project

What is Confucianism?
The ultimate goal is individual happiness. The necessary condition to achieve happiness is through peace. To obtain peace, Kong Fuzi discovered human relations consisting of the five relationships which are based on love and duties. War has to be abolished; and the Great Unity of the world should be developed.
The Five Confucian Classics
Book of changes(Zhouyi)
Classic of poetry( Shījīng)
Book of doucuments(Shūjīng)
Book of rites(Lijì)
Spring and Autumn Annals
Confucius Dance
Confucianism is a philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Kong Fuzi.
Chinese philosophy
Kong Fuzi 551–479 BCEǐ
Han Fei Zi 281-233 BCE
Legalism is a philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Han Fei Zi
What is Legalism?
Legalism is a philosophy emphasizing strict obedience to the law system. It was one of the main philosophic currents during the Warring States period.
Three tools used to govern
Fa (law or principle)-Laws should reward those who obey them and punish accordingly those who dare to break them
Shu (Method)-Special tactis used by the ruler to make sure others don't take over control of the state.
Shi (legitimacy)- It is the position of the ruler, not the ruler himself or herself, that holds the power
Clash between legalism and Confucianism
Prime minister Li Su ordered for Confucian books to be burned and for Confucian scholars to be killed

Laozi 604-517 BCE
Taoism is a philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Laozi.
What is Taoism?
Taoism can be concluded as a pursuit of balanced relationship between human beings and nature. The way or path of living. The way of nature.
According to Taoism, having money and power does not matter. Some Taoists actually moved into the woods to become closer with nature.
Taoist Rituals
consists of elaborate dramas filled with music costumes and dance.
Chinese philosophy vs Western philosophy
Western philosophy focuses on logic and truth
Chinese Philosophy focuses on more life and political issues
Chinese philosophy has had a much more direct impact on Chinese society
A few words we've learned
Xuanxue-literally "mysterious learning"
Dao-Literally "Path"
3 Types of gods
One is for personal prayers
One is the leader of gods
one is for business prayers
Fortune Sticks
People shake this container of sticks until one comes out and shows a fortune
Heaven Guards
Temple Door Guards
The Temple
Michael Ramirez-John Seo
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