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Copy of Adviser Track

No description

Helen Kirkman

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Adviser Track

Adviser Track:
Progression Report:
Competitors Report :
Offers Report:
Key Points:
Adviser Track

The only
data tracking tool
Weekly Applicant Status Reports
End of cycle Final Destination Reports (X2)

Offers Report
A historical data comparison tool
Your school/centre Vs UCAS national figures
Powerful IAG insight into your students offers'
Competitors Report
A historical data comparison tool
Your school/centre Vs UCAS national figures
Where do your accepted app stats need work?
Manage current applications

View past application statistics

Tailor you IAG provision

With accurate UCAS statistics at your fingertips you can trust your numbers and report back to your stakeholders with confidence.
Rosehill College 2014
UCAS 2014
What are my students studying? (Year on Year)
Where have my students gone on to study?
Bognor Regis University - Toby Martin
The University of the Shetland Islands - Mathew Smith
The Market Bosworth School of Economics - Jenny Curran
The Isle of Anglesey Fashion College - Carrie White
What kind of universities are my students getting accepted into?
The Russell Group
1994 Group
University Aliance
The Russell Group
1994 Group
University Aliance
Rosehill College 2013
UCAS Figures 2013
Gotherington University of Technology - Ravi Hodges
Progression Report
A historical data comparison tool
Your school/centre Vs UCAS national figures
Complex data made easy to view and sort
Vital Statistics - Tools for Schools!
Reports for schools provide a number of tracking tools specifically designed to help advisers track their centres applications

There are
reporting tools available to advisers from UCAS reports for schools:

Adviser Track
Progression Report
Offers Report
Competitors Report

Download weekly
Applicant Status Reports (ASRs)
– great for seeing snapshots of how your students are doing
Kyle Sumners- Application Declined
Meera Lakhani - Application Submitted
Jamie Norris - Application Submitted
Lottie Sharpe - No offers
Marvin Obi - References in need of approval
Adviser Track is a tool designed for time pressed advisers who need to keep on top of their student's applications.
Track the offers your students receive from universities and colleges by using the
Search for Applicants
See any
that they’re required to meet.
See the
your students make to any offers they receive.
Final Destination Reports:
The last two downloads from your Adviser Track subscription are monthly and called Final Destination Reports (FDRs). They are important as they will show your students' destination data.
Don't forget to download these!
ucasmediaschools team@ucas.ac.uk
01242 544806
62% of my students went to their first choice
12% of my students went to their second choice
16% of my students went into clearing
The Offers Report is a great information advice and guidance tool:

See exactly what
kind of offers
your students accepted and went to university with.

Data from
two previous cycles

Information broken down by decision, replies, offers, demographics subjects & university

Are you advising your students effectively as to which universities
they should stretch themselves for?

Find out with the offers report!
What does the Progression Report tell me?
St Henry's
Marybrite Technology College
St Trinian's
Hillview Hall
Kings School
Easy to view and amend graphs and tables
Own student versus
national trend comparisons
Final Destination information: accepting
Data from
previous application cycles shown - see your centres'
See how your school
measures up
against its competitors:

Tell us a group of schools that you want to be compared to
(five or more).

We will
that groups' statistics

Your schools' statistics are now
Top 10 subject choices for your school
Top 10 subject choices for your competitors
Meet the Schools and FE team:
Katie Atkins
Helen Kirkman
Lee Hill
Rich Barns
Craig Barnley
Paul the temp
What do we do?
We provide school reports to over
(and colleges and agencies)
. We work with schools across the world who want to track their application statistics. -It gets busy!
Welcome to:
School Challenge
with Stephen Fry (sort of)
On your desk there is a buzzer...
Your desk mates are now your team mates...
So how much do you remember from our prezi?

The swottiest team will win a prize!!!

Tiny T's & c'S: No shouting out! Answers will only be accepted from a team that has buzzed. After a 'buzz' anyone in the 'buzz' team can say the answer. No; pushing, shoving, biting, gouging, slandering, phone tapping, snoozing or rising above taking part, please. Thank you for your co-operation.
Let's go!

Q: Can you name the largest
state in America?
A: Alaska
Q: What is the only live reporting tool available to advisers looking to follow
their students through the application cycle?
A: Adviser Track
Q: How often is Adviser Track updated for my applicant status reports
throughout the application cycle?
A: Weekly (Bonus point, every Sunday evening)
Q: What is the difference between an ASR and an FDR?
A: ASR = Applicant Status Report (Weekly), FDR = Final Destination Report, 2 versions, end of cycle - August/Sep & Sep/October.
Q: Name the recording artist with the most combined weeks at number one of the UK singles chart (across their entire career of single releases)...
A: Elvis Presley (80 Weeks), The Beatles (69 Weeks), Cliff Richard (46 Weeks)
Q: Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc ...who's missing?
A: Bashful!
Which of the below Universities is not a member of the Russell Group:

University of Birmingham
University of Sheffield
Univerity of Oxford
Newcastle University
Cardiff University
A: It's a trick question, they're all members! (sorry)
Q: What was the least popular degree subject for applicants to choose in 2014?
Metallurgy: the branch of science and technology concerned with the properties of metals and their production and purification. - Even Latin had more applicants!
Q: What was the most popular degree subject choice for applicants in 2014?
A: Nursing, a whopping 57,000 applicants
Q: Daniel Craig is the nation's current James Bond, but who were his three most recent predecessors?
A: Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore
Q: Name the four tracking tools available to advisers to help them keep a record of their current applicants and to look back historically on past applicant trends...
A: Adviser Track, Progression Report, Offers Report, Competitors Report
Q: What crucial information does a progression report show me that an Adviser Track report would not not?
A: UCAS total figures for comparison
Q: Do the UCAS reports show if a student
actually turned up on the day at their
chosen institution?
A: No.
Q. These screengrabs are from two seprate reports. Can you name the reports?
A = Progression, B = Offers
Q. Who knows Pi to the longest number of decimal points? (Bonus if you know more than 3!)

'May I have a large container of coffee'
A. 3.14159265359
Q: Which three reports allow me to compare my application statistics against UCAS?
Progression = UCAS Stats, Offers = UCAS Stats, Competitors = Competitor Group
Q: What report would I use to see which institution offered the most places to my students?
A: The Offers report
Q: True or False:

'The Progression Report will tell me how many of my students progressed to university via their insurance option'
A: False: Only the Offers report shows this at present, using the offers report you can see the offers from the uni and the response from the applicant.
What is the highest grosing film of all time (adjusted for inflation)?


Not this one...
A: Gone with the Wind $1.6 Billion to Avatar's $800 million,
Q: What report illustrates what percentage of students went through clearing and compare those statistics to last year?
A: The Offers reports will give you these statistics on the summary page and also produces a graph which compares the data year on year.
Q: When does the Adviser Track cycle run from and to?
A: From around the second week of November to late October. There is currently no way of switching Adviser Track on earlier due to IT system not being built to cope with running two systems side by side.
Q: Why would a school have two competitor reports run, using two different competitor groups in the same year?
A: They could pick two separate competitor groups, one high performing and a 'step up' to their own current perceived position and another comprising of similarly performing schools. Thus enabling a school to see if it is level pegging against traditionally 'higher' performing competitors.
True or False:

UCAS can run a report that tells you how your nearest competitor is getting on with their university applications...
False! We're not allowed to do this. The competitor report that we do offer is an aggregated report made up of at least five schools info making the figures shown more of a 'mean'

Q: We want to know what more information you need from these reports and where you may struggle...
A: Over to you
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