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Summer Of The Aliens

No description

ellie robotham

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Summer Of The Aliens

The setting is in my eyes a very run down area of Melbourne, with no grass and a lot of dried mud. It's a fairly deserted town in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in a very poor community.
Narrator: "This is the end. A Housing Commision Estate, north of Melbourne. The houses were built of concrete slabs and plonked down on these paddocks that stretch all the way to Sydney."
During this time Australia was trying to bring 'non british' people into Australia as they needed people to come and work the land and the mines. This meant bringing in the Italians, the Dutch and so on, however even though migrants were needed not many Australians supported this. This fact is shown in the racisn of the characters in the play, quotes such as;

Dulcie: "Bloody wogs! Get back to the migrant hostel"
Lewis: "You wogs can be really stupid"
Obsession with aliens
During Summer Of The Aliens it is evident that the main character Lewis has an unhealthy obsession with
Summer Of The Aliens
By Louis Nowra
In the play Summer Of The Aliens the two main characters are Dulcie and Lewis. Other prominent characters would be Brian, Lewis's friend, and the narrator, an older version of Lewis. In my eyes Lewis is young, innocent, and slightly dorky which is why i chose this photo. For Dulcie I chose a photo of a young, plain looking girl who looks secretly sad as I feel Dulcie is always hiding her dark secret about her step-father Stan. Brian is portrayed in the play as more of the bully character and this was shown in the image I chose. The last character on here is the narrator and just like the yound lewis he is plain and slightly dorky however this character has a sadder look in his eye as he knows the story and knows the sadness it will bring.
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