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"I Can Fight You on Thursday..."

No description

Kailee Knudsen

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of "I Can Fight You on Thursday..."

"I Can Fight You on Thursday..."
By: Gene Twaronite
Marshall McPhee (Protagonist)
Cliff Crumpleton (Antagonist)
The setting of this short story
takes place during the present day
time period at Nathan Hale School.
Cliff Crumpleton, the "school bully", believes he is the strongest and most muscular student at his school. He fought all of the boys at Nathan Hale School besides one; Marshall McPhee. He challenges Marshall to fight after school and they plan a date and time.
The conflict of the story is that Cliff wants to fight Marshall after school but every time they meet up, Marshall is stalling and starts talking about something other than fighting because he has never been in a fight before.
The resolution of this story is, right as Cliff is about to punch Marshall, a project that Marshall and his rocketry club launched into the sky last Wednesday came hurtling back to Earth and crashed into the ground right beside Cliff. Cliff then fell to the ground and looked at Marshall in amazement.
The theme of this story is to always stand up for yourself and to never be a bystander because you will most likely be bullied some point in life and you will have to stand up for yourself if there is no one else around.
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