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SAY it Ain't So-Claims Against the University Administrator.

HIED 643-Assignment 6

Steve Sassaman

on 3 November 2011

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Transcript of SAY it Ain't So-Claims Against the University Administrator.

Claims Against University Administrator Breach of Contract Defamation Negligence are they legit? is s/he at fault? Not enough information to confirm liability based on backround provided School paper publishes the story about the acusation
What screening process does the university implement with volunteers (background checks)? No formal written contract was made
Are there any? No documented information that BBBS is obligated to reimburse SAY for services
No clause about sexual assualt allegations Has the administrator reviewed acceptable mentor behavior w/ students? Did the administrator supervise student volunteers closely? Contains acurate information How does the story reflect on the administrator who advises the program?
Is there a legal case s/he could claim? Did the administrator officially claim responsibility for students?
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