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Tiger Evolution

No description

Marilyn Beltran

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Tiger Evolution

Tiger Evolution
1. Miacids
2. Proilurus
3. Pserdaelurus
4. Schizailurus
5. Felis Lonenis
6. Modern Tigers



Striped Coat: Helps blend with rays of sunlight that shine through the trees.
Sharp hearing: Help communicate over long distances.
Strong Forelimbs: Knock prey off balance.
The earliest ancestor of the tiger is not very clear but scientists believe the earliest ancestor of the tigers are Pseudaelurus or Miacoids.
Earliest Ancestors
Some environmental conditions that influenced the evolution of tigers was temperature and deforestation.
Most carnivorous mammals evolved from Miacids. Miacids split into 2 lines, one line being Viverravidae which lead to Proilurus. Proilurus, a small weasel like cat lead to Pseudaelurus. That split into 2 major groups Sabre-tooth tigers and Schizailurus. Schizailurus gave rise to Feliz Longenis which evolved into the modern tiger.
Environmental Conditions that Ifluenced Evolution
Evolution Timeline
Adaptions Of Modern Tiger
Intermediate Forms that led to the modern Tiger
Modern Relatives
By: Marilyn & Lauren
Background Info
Binomial Name:
Panthera Tigris
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Family: Felidae
Species: P. Tigris
More Adaptions..
Adaption in Retinas: Make seeing in dark easier

Large teeth: Help hunt larger prey
Types of Tigers
Amur Tigers
Bengal Tigers
Indochinese Tigers
Malayan Tigers
South china tigers
Sumatran Tigers
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