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American West

No description

Maariyah Hussain

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of American West

Plains indians believed that nature worked in circles, the sun and moon, the seasons and life itself; everything was in a form of a circle
American West
Family life
Native American Warfare
Plains Indians
Buffalo Skin
Nomadic lifestyle
Sioux Proverb
A beautiful tipi is like a good mother. She hugs her children to protect them from the cold, snow and rain.
Extreme range
Heat in the summer
Cold in the winter (Blizzard)
Strong winds
Long grass
Men are responsible for hunting, looking after the cattle and the band
They are judged by their skills as hunters, warriors and horsemen
Women were responsible for making clothes, preparing food and fetching water
They are judged by their skills as crafts and homemakers
Children were taught how to ride at an early age by their parents because they did not go to school. Boys were taught how to hunt using bow and arrows whilst girls were taught how to maintain a home.
Old People
Old people were important because they gave good advice from their past. Old people were most likely to be left behind because of their nomadic lifestyle, this would be because of their old age also being too weak to walk around
Most marriages were love matches, a young man would have yo impress the young women with his bravery with a gift of horses or buffalo skins which would also convince her parents that e is able to support the wife
Polygamy means having more than just one wife, this was seemed appropriate because it would make sure all women were loved and cared for.
What were raids?
Raids were when one tribe invades another tribes area to steal or take revenge, these raids were sent about 3-4 times a year.
Most wars took place in the summer because they have to build up their food supplies by hunting for buffalo.
Individual warriors fought in warfare so that they could prove their bravery and to gain personal glory, doing this might enable them to enter warrior society or gain a wife.
The most successful leader was the one who brought back horses and captives and not lose many warriors, if the chiefs were not successful then the warriors did not follow them.
Plains indians took off scalps from their enemies as evidence for their victory, these were hung outside their tipi's as a trophy.
Sacred Land
Plains indians didn't sell or buy land, they considered these areas to be sacred, especially high places because they were closer to the spirit world. For the Lakota Sioux, the Black Hills were sacred, believing their ancestors bodies had become dust on the plains making it sacred. This caused problems in 1840's because people wanted to move across and settle down which they couldn't do.
Plains indians believed the spirit world was the real world and this world was a shadow of the real world. The spirit could be contacted by having a dream or vision. Young boys would go to a sweat lodge to cleanse their bodies, they would go without food and would just pray waiting for an animal or bird to appear them in a vision as their guardian angel.
Religious dances were rally important, they also involved painful dances. They were intended to keep the tribe in harmony with the spirits of the natural world which were important to their life such as, buffalo, bear and antelope
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