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Geronimo Stilton Save the White Whale

No description

Anjana Bains

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Geronimo Stilton Save the White Whale

Geronimo Stilton Save the White Whale
The authors point of view is that we should keep our environment clean so the animals can live healthy.
My Favorite Character
In this book Geronimo takes a vacation with his crush Petunia, her nephew Bugsy, and his nephew Benjamin to The Bay of Whales. He wants to tell Petunia that he likes her. He is not having a good vacation so far. One day they went whale watching and Geronimo wanted to tell Petunia that he liked her but he got sea sick and didn't get to. So he asked her to take a walk on the beach but Benjamin, and Bugsy went with them. While they were walking they saw a white humpback whale on the beach. Petunia called the animal rescue team while the rest of them poured water on the whale. Then the rescue team came and brought the whale back to the ocean. After their vacation was over they created a donate to the whale campain and it was a success.
The setting is The Bay of Whales
Point of View
My favorite character is Bugsy because she bothers people but in a funny way.

Thanks for Watching
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