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Barry Lane

No description

Angie Caraway

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Barry Lane

Write down something someone said this morning...
Six Word Memoir:
Write a six-word sentence that sums up your status...
I remember:
I don't remember:
Lists for Writing:
This I believe:
People to write about:
What do you want to change:
What are you good at:
What are you
good at:
Movie or book that inspired you:
People who inspire you:
Steve is the most unique and good person I know. No matter the situation, he always starts with the positive and most optimistic perspective possible. His capacity for learning and remembering how to play any instrument, understand any sport, and explain any concept is like no one else I've ever known. How much better of a person will I become because I get to live around him everyday?!

Steve is on the couch. He is playing the guitar, mindlessly, watching the football game out of the corner of his eye. His mouth moves slightly with the changing chords. At an unexpected moment, his gaze moves over to me and the kids, and the look on his face says that he didn't realize I had been watching and possibly didn't even realize he had been playing. He continues to move his mouth with the music, but a smile cracks in one corner. He loses his place, for this new concentration has disrupted his abandon of it. He cracks a silly joke. I laugh, but I know that particular moment of his never-ending creativity is gone forever. So I frame it up in my mind, snap the picture, and wait patiently, anxiously, for the next one.
Write a caption
Cody is a Strange Dog
Truth Sandwich:

Parenting is the biggest adventure of all. I thought when you became a parent, all of the fun and adventure was going to be gone. But the exact opposite it true. Every day is an adventure - who is going where, what time does who need to eat, which vehicle needs to be packed with which things, which school is having their Parent Picnic today, which one has a tooth under his pillow. Then, there is the inherit adventure - sports injuries, road trip vomit, pants that become four inches too short in one week, lizards in the laundry - because these are boys, and don't even get me started with the girl. The bonus adventures come BECAUSE you have kids - fund trips, fun Sundays, fun birthdays, fun bedtime. Some may think the goal is to survive, and in most adventures you certainly hope you do that. But in these adventures, like any other adventure, the treasured outcome is always the thrill of it all.

Place: Sensory details

Nein-Nein's sewing room.
White-washed paneling,
sewing maching under the window,
table of spools of fabric on one side,
twin mattress on the floor for me -
blue and white ticking,
the sound of the cuckoo clock being wound before bed,
windows open,
Curiosity stares at the closet full of slide projector trays holding my memories
The emperor released the fireflies,
and the children followed them to the moon.
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