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Correctional Counselor

No description

Malvina Munoz

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Correctional Counselor

Job Description Also known as correctional treatment specialists, correctional counselors provide rehabilitation to former inmates by developing plans to help them adjust to life again in order to reduce the risk of them going back to jail. Why help Ex-Prisoners? By conducting psychological evaluations and designing education and job plans for these prisoners... There is a lower chance of them going back to jail.
Statistics show that most prisoners released are repeat offenders and end up back in jail.
Rehabilitating criminals makes streets safer because they are less likely to commit a crime.
Less inmates in jail means less money the government takes away from tax payers. Educational
Requirements Working
Conditions Training Career
Opportunities References Minimum of a 4 year Bachelor's degree or Master's
- Criminal Justice
_ Social Work
_ Psychology

Pass various exams including Psychological and Physical exams. There's More... Must have previous correctional work experience or counseling.
Complete a 1 year supervised government-sponsered training program.
Must be between the ages of 21 and 37. Demands Good communication skills
Decision-making skills
Emotional stability
Positive attitude
PATIENCE and COMPASSION As a correctional couselor you will be working with criminals that require different levels of rehabilitation. Couseling may include:
Anger management
Substance abuse rehab
Sexual Abuse Rehab What about Salary? Between
$42,000-$49,300 Training A correctional counselor must complete a 1 year supervised government-sponsored training program. Types of on-the-job training:
Classroom work
Physical training
Practical instruction

- Used to test physical and mental endurance Additional on-the-job training can lead to promotions in position and responsibility. Advancements:
Correctional Officer
Correctional Sergeant
Othere leader positions - References -
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