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Pinhole Photagraphy

No description

logan nash

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Pinhole Photagraphy

Take the plastic lid off the pringles can and wipe out the inside. (Save the lid)

Draw a line with the marker all the way around the can, about 2 inches up from the bottom. Have a grown-up cut along that line so the tube is in two pieces.

Marking the can

The shorter bottom piece has a metal end. With the thumbtack, make a hole in the center of the metal.

Putting the can together

Go outside on a sunny day. Close one eye and hold the tube up to your other eye. You want the inside of the tube to be as dark as possible-so cup your hands around the opening of the tube if you need to.

Look around your yard through the tube. The lid makes a screen that shows you upside-down color pictures!

Hold your hand below the tube and move it very slowly upward. Your hand is moving up, but you'll see its shadow move down the screen! Kid looking through can
empty pringles can
X-Acto knife or utility knife
thumbtack or pushpin
masking tape
aluminum foil
bright sunny day
Images through a pinhole camera:
We're going to use the plastic lid as a screen. If your lid is clear, you may need to apply a piece of wax paper, white tissue paper, or vellum to the lid to act as a translucent screen. Put the plastic lid onto the shorter piece. Put the longer piece back on top. Tape all the pieces together.

To keep light out of the tube, use a piece of aluminum foil that's about 1 foot long. Tape one end of the foil to the tube. Wrap the foil all the way around the tube twice, then tape the loose edge of the foil closed. If you have extra foil at the top, just tuck it neatly inside the tube.
Covering the can
Pinhole Photagraphy
By: Logan Nash

I chose this one because it is the first one that caught my eye.
images through a pinhole:
I chose this one cause it really drug me in.
examples of pinhole cameras:
Pictures through a pinhole camera:
I chose this one because of the way it is looking up at an angle.
pictures through a pinhole camera:
I chose this
one because
the eye is
captured on the tree.
Pictures through a pinhole camera:
I chose this because it looks really spooky.
work cited:
google images
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