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A view from the bridge character profiles

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holly piggott

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of A view from the bridge character profiles

A View from The Bridge
Character profile

Beatrice is Eddies wife and Catherine's aunt by marriage. She is related to Marco and Rodolfo,the illegal immigrants
Marco is an illegal immigrant who has arrived from Sicily. he is married with three young children. He is the older of the two brothers and feels responsible for Rodolfo.
Rodolfo is Marco's younger brother. unlike Marco, he would be happy to come to America as a citizen and settle down in the country. He is an attractive young man with a lively sense of humor.
Alfieri is a narrator, commentator and also a character in the play. He is a lawyer and is thus removed from the other characters. more than anybody else in the play he can see the coming tragedy.
(she turns and grabs Eddies face in her hands) "Mmm! your an angel! God'll bless you."
Beatrice is a kind warm hearted person, she shows gratitude when anyone helps her or her family.
Beatrice is loving and caring throughout.
Beatrice acts as the Meditator
"No she wants to ask you. Come on, Katie, ask him. We'll have a party!"
She is often the meditator when Eddie's aggressiveness creates hostile situations
Beatrice is keenly aware of the dangers involved in the relationship between Catherine and Eddie and tries to warn Catherine gently. we see her sensitivity and also her instinct for problems that lurk beneath the surface."
"i know, honey. But if you act like a baby and he be treatin' you like a baby. Like when he comes home sometimes you throw yourself at him like when you was twelve years old."
She warns both Catherine and Eddie that the relationship is not within acceptable boundaries.
Despite all that Eddie has done to destroy their lives Beatrice, as always, shows her unconditional love for him.
He (Eddie) dies i her arms, and beatrice covers him with her body.
At the end she is there to comfort Eddie as he dies.
Eddie Carbone is a longshoreman whose job it is to load and unload boats in the shipyards of brooklyn.
This comment from Beatrice to Eddie tells the audience that he is too protective, too possessive of Catherine and he should be able to see that she is old enough to look after herself.
" I don't understand you; she's seventeen years old, you gonna keep her in the house all her life?"
Eddie is protective towards Catherine. Soon this protectiveness becomes obsessive and unnatural.
Eddie's reaction to Rodolfo demonstrates how emotionally unstable and irrational he is. He cannot see the young man's qualities. instead he is blinded by his fear that Rodolfo will take Catherine away from him.
" I take the blankets off my bed for him, and he takes and puts his filthy hands on her like a goddam thief!"
Even though he can be warm and generous , there are few moments in the play when he is not in conflict with the other characters
Catherine sees the positive side of Eddie. He is obviously capable of much warmth and generosity and she really appreciates this- at least for now. But she is also speaking in the past tense almost as if he was a different person then.
'He was good to me, Rodolfo. you don't know him; he was always the sweetest guy to me."
Eddie's jealousy of Rodolfo shows how emotionally unstable he is.
He breaks his code of honor by betraying Marco and Rodolfo when it seems his relationship with Catherine is threatened.
"Give me the number of the immigration Bureau. I want to report something. Illegal immigrants.
self-interest is one of Eddie's great motivating factors. he is deeply aware of the horrific nature of betraying an immigrant to the authorities and yet, when hi own comfortable relationship with Catherine comes under threat, he is quite prepared to break this code of honor.
Catherine is Eddies niece. she is seventeen years old. She is a very pleasant, attractive character. She can be very strong when necessary
Catherine is desperate to be independent, she is obviously well thought of at her college. however we can see that Eddie has control over her.
"shes crazy to start work. its not a little shop, its a big company. some day she could be secretary. they picked her out of the whole class"
Catherine's about to start her first job despite eddies objections
Catherine (flushed with revolt)
"you wanna dance, Rodolfo?"
(Eddie freezes)
When Rodolfo arrives she is attracted to him and begins a very intense relationship with him which will lead to marriage.
Now that Rodolfo has arrived Catherine has the strength to show her independence despite eddies discomfort.
Eddie has betrayed Marco and Rodolfo, and Catherine's love and respect for him have turned to hate and loathing. she feels sufficiently strong to tell him to his face.
Catherine (clearing from Beatrice)
"what are you scared of? hes a rat! he belongs in the sewer."
She shows strength in her character when she takes sides against Eddie and is vehement in her condemnation of him.
In the end, Catherine feels guilty for all that has happened. she had no idea it would end so tragically.
The two women support him for a moment calling his name again and again.
Catherine: "Eddie, i never meant to do nothing bad to you."
However, at the end of the play, she murmurs her heart filled regret for her part in eddies tragic end.
Physically, Marco is very strong. He is wary of those around him and does not trust people until he knows them. he loves his brother and his family back in Sicily.
STAGE DIRECTION: (he is a square-built peasant of thirty-two, suspicious, tender and quiet-voiced)
Marco has come to America to support his wife and Family.
Marco's sense of fair play forces him to act in defense of his brother. without actually threatening Eddie he makes it clear that Eddie will be in trouble if he hurts Rodolfo.
STAGE DIRECTION: Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw...
He has a strong sense of right and wrong and is always on guard to protect his younger brother.
When he discovers that Eddie has betrayed hm he feels he has the right to take revenge.
STAGE DIRECTION: Marco suddenly brakes form the crowd and dashes into the room and faces Eddie; Beatrice and first officer rush in as Marco spits into Eddies face.
Marco's outrage is so great that he looses all control. he can not understand how one human being can do this to another. Spitting in Eddies face is utter contempt for him.
Marco believes ithis duty to right this wrong without recourse to the law. He believes that the law has nothing to do with his need for justice.
"The law? The law is not in a book."
When speaking to Alfieri he does not understand why the law will allow Eddie to go free.
We are given a flavor of Rodolfo's many talents.
He is man of many talents, He can cook, he can sing and he can make clothes.
"Oh, I sing Napolidan, jazz, bel canto - i sing 'Paper doll'"
Rodolfo is capable of inspiring trust and love. he is an open, warm hearted character.
Catherine: "Teach me" (she is weeping) "I don't no anything, teach me, hold me."
Rodolfo, the peacemaker, is prepared to accept responsibility for a situation that is not of his making. He will go to great lengths to prevent the approaching tragedy.
"It's my fault, Eddie. Everything. I wish to appologise. It was wrong that I did not ask your permission."
Catherine falls in love with Rodolfo very quickly and in return his love for her is genuine and powerful.
Eddie dislikes Rodolfo because he knows that he will take Catherine away from him.
" I would like to go to Broadway once, Eddie. I would like to walk with her once where the theaters are and the opera."
Rodolfo shows his sense of wonder and adventure. He wants new experiences.
He tries to keep peace by appoligising to Eddie even though he does not need to say sorry.
Alfieri is of extraction and is therefore in a position to empathise with the other characters.
" I am inclined to notice the ruins in the things perhaps because i was born in Italy... i only came here when i was twenty-five."
Alfieri attempts to place the events of the drama in context and explan to the audience that conflicts such as these occur in the Italian history.
We see Alfieri as an on-looker, who interpret what is happening and how it will end, feeling utterly frustrated because he cannot prevent the inevirable tragedy.he performs the role f the Greek chorus, commenting on events but unable to change them.
"And i sat there many afternoons asking myself why, being an intelligent man i was so powerless to stop it."
His role is to oversee the action and to attempt to remain objective through out however, at the end, he does have sympathy for Eddie and even some admiration for him.
Even though Eddie has not declared his intention to betray the brothers Alfieri is aware that he is going to do so. He is desperate to stop him.
"You don't have a friend in the world, Eddie! Even those who understand will turn against you..."
Alfieri tries to prevent Eddie from behaving in a catastrophic way. But he is ineffectual.
Alfieri has been trying to tell Marco as previously he told Eddie that the law does not always deliver justice. Sometimes, he says, we really have to rely on God.
"This is not God, Marco, You hear? Only God makes justice."
Alfieri knows it is better to 'settle for half' because sometimes the search for absolute justice results in unacceptable consequences.
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