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Byzantine Empire

No description

Christopher Eikenbary

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire
Laws & Religion
What Was Byzantium
The Eastern Roman Empire
Never stopped calling themselves Roman
Emperor Justinian I
Byzantium's greatest rule
While alive
Devout, energetic
After death
Two-faced, cruel
Acted as head of church & state
Expanded the Byzantine Empire
Built bridges, churches, hospitals, and libraries
Legal Codes
A collection of all the Roman laws by Justinian
The code of Justinian influenced many western legal codes
Hagia Sophia
Epic church built by Justinian
All great cathedrals and mosques borrow from its design
The Great Schism
Western Europeans used icons because people couldn't read.
Christians in the Byzantine Empire didn't like that
The two churches split.
Catholic is Latin for "universal"
Mass is in Latin
Pope is the head of the church
Clergy were celibate
Eastern Orthodox
Orthodox is Greek for "correct belief"
Mass in Greek or translated
Lead by a Patriarch
Priests could marry
Roman Catholic
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