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Identity Theft

No description

Olivia Bodnar

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Identity Theft

Identity Theft
What Is Identity Theft?
Take personal information to run up debts fraud your name

Thieves have many ways to get your information, and are always coming up with new ones
Ways Thieves get Information
Go through mail and garbage

Send out false emails or phone calls from your "bank" asking for information

Download Spyware into your PC

Put card readers in the ATM

Social networking sites
Affects of Identity Theft
Damaged credit and financial loss

Criminal record

Takes social security benefits

How to Discover You are a Victim
Sudden drops in your checking account balance

Calls from a credit card companies

Purchases in locations you have never been
Always Be on the Watch!
Always be looking for unusual mail, emails, or phone calls

Shred papers that could be used to get personal information
Protect Your Credit
Identity theft can not only affect credit cards, but it can affect your life

Protection companies will monitor your credit and prevent thieves from using personal information
By Olivia Bodnar
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