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Mastering Social Media - February 2013

Prezi accompanying a workshop on 28th February 2013 for the University of Edinburgh Institute for Academic Development. See also: http://delicious.com/stacks/view/IJjFpz.

Nicola Osborne

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Mastering Social Media - February 2013

Mastering Social Media Nicola Osborne
EDINA Social Media Officer Tell A Story... http://whatsonmyblackboard.wordpress.com/ Always be Appropriate & Engaging Build Your Network Social Bookmarking About your ideas, your learning experiences, your work... Researching & Keeping Up to Date in Your Subject Area This session is all about what is most useful to you so...
Do ask questions
Do share your ideas and experiences
Do share issues or concerns for discussion Build your Profile Now Questions Coming Up Before we start... What can you do with social media? https://twitter.com/#!/feministhulk Raise your profile, raise the profile of your work and engage others creatively... Research your subject, find new literature, connect to peers and leaders in your field... http://www.mendeley.com/profiles/cameron-neylon/ http://musingfrommanchester.com/2011/12/03/arts-and-humanities-incorporated/ Study, collaborate, reflect, learn Advising projects, services and colleagues on using Social Media.
Completing MSc in eLearning dissertation on informal peer learning in social media spaces.
Authoring EDINA Social Media Guidelines, contributing to UoE Guidelines. Using Social Media to Support Your Learning UoE Social Media Services & Highlight Your Skills Get Your Geek On What support do you want or need? Want to chat about an idea? Try Skype, Facebook Messenger, Second Life, Discussion Boards, Twitter, Google Hangouts, SMS, Yammer...
Want feedback or contributions on a project? Try sharing a Google Doc and co-editing, using A.notate, sharing via a wiki, share an image or video on Flickr or YouTube, or write a blog post and ask for feedback...
Want moral support? Try MeetUp, local groups on EventBrite, communities on Ning... What aspects of your studies do you think social media could help with? How have you found social media useful in your Masters so far? And / or There is always a convesation going on in your area... “Social media is pupportedly about facilitating relationships. I'm wondering if relationships are fundamentally about learning. At the very least, in any individual or group we're learning about communication, other people, group dynamics all the time, and being rewarded for our increasing competance in those relationships.” Interviewee for Nicola Osborne's MSc research. Join groups, note tags, sign up for blogposts by email... Most creators are keen to share knowledge and engage with you... Tools for staying Up to Date... Look out for Follow, Share and RSS links... Google Alerts is fantastic... Some journals have blogs or Facebook pages, most have e-alerts or RSS... If This Then That lets you programme automatic tasks... http://ifttt.com/ Very easy to use... If you are feeling braver... Yahoo! Pipes lets you build complex programmes in relatively easy ways - you can adapt others' methods or start from scratch http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/ Delicious Instapaper lets you save and read stuff on your computer or mobile device... Mendeley is a scholarly bookmarking tool enabling sharing, recording and referencing of papers. Do Cool Stuff with Your Data Share and discuss it with your network Or make it playful! Are your privacy settings appropriate? Do your social media profiles make sense, connect up, represent you well? Be in the right space for you... that might be LinkedIn, it might be SoundCloud, it might be a specialist network...
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