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Pattern recognition & image analysis

No description

Sabrina Buchegger

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Pattern recognition & image analysis

Pattern recognition & image analysis
object detection
optical character recognition
picture processing
merging the procedures
what is object recognition?
automatic detection of a certain image

concept: finding contours and match the objects
open source library:
other uses:
opencv (C++, Java, Python, Matlab, C#)
face recognition
object recognition in videos
licence plate recognition
rects = cvHaarDetectObjects( detectImg, cascade, storage,
search_scale_factor, 3, flags, minFeatureSize);
what is ocr?
automatic detection of words in an image

concept: finding shapes and filter the words
open source library:
other uses:
Tesseract (C++, C#, Java)
transforming scanned documents to plain text
licence plate recognition
ocr.SetVariable("tessedit_char_whitelist", "0123456789+");

ocr.Recognize(new Image<Bgr,Byte> (image));
why do you need it?
optimize image analysis
intuitive work
inaccurate algorythms
bad input quality
oblique letters and objects
licence plate recognition
object detection
optical character recognition
image processing
merging the procedures
questions for discussion
What could other applications for these processes be?
Do you think that an accuracy of 100% can be achieved?
What are potential downsides?
Who could profit from these processes?
How do you estimate the future prospects?
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