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Welcome to ENG 147

No description

Melissa Warren

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to ENG 147

Week One Overview
Welcome to ENG 147
House Keeping
Private message reply
Class message reply
Ice breaker
Instructor polices
Record important phone numbers
Getting Started in the New Classroom

Getting Started
• Differentiate between personal and academic writing.
• Demonstrate the proper use of punctuation and grammar.
• Week 1 Participation
• Differences Between Personal and Academic Writing
• Academic Writing Reflection
• MyFoundationsLab Activities

Assignments and Objectives
Tips for creating a substantive post
• Share your thoughts and experiences (personal, academic and professional) related to weekly materials
• Discuss ways you can apply the lessons from the class in your work and educational life
• Make connections between the topics at hand and the readings in the text
• Provide examples to support your ideas
• Go beyond I agree to build the discussion, reviewing topics with new perspectives
• Show reflection, including questions to promote additional discussion

Week One Participation
Differences Between Personal and Academic Writing
Helpful resources for completing the assignment
Examples of Personal and Academic Writing

Assignment directions
Write a short paragraph of 250 to 300 words that answers the following questions in your own words:
How does personal writing differ from academic writing?
How are academic and personal writing similar?
What skills do strong academic writers possess?

Submit your short paragraph in a Microsoft® Word® document.

Academic Writing Reflection
Helpful resource
Writing Essentials: Why are Writing Skills Important?
Assignment directions
In at least 75 words, reflect on your current writing abilities and identify resources to strengthen your skills. In the reflection, respond to the following questions:
• On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), what is your level of comfort with academic writing?
• As a result of completing your first University of Phoenix course successfully, has your confidence in your academic writing abilities improved, remained the same, or decreased?
• How can your instructor be most useful in helping you strengthen your academic writing skills?

MyFoundationsLab Activities
Helpful resource
Parts of Speech Review under the recommended activities
Required tests to complete
W1.1 Parts of Speech, Phrases, and Clauses
W1.2 Subject and Verbs
W1.4 Pronouns
W1.8 Regular and Irregular Verbs

Academic Essay Instructions
Helpful resources
Choosing a Topic Tips
Persuasive writing overview

Writing Process
Week one: choose a topic
Week two: complete prewriting
Week three: write a thesis and outline
Week four: write body paragraphs
Week five: research and create APA citations
Week six: draft the essay
Week seven: complete the final essay

Reading for Writers
The only way to learn to write good nonfiction is to read good nonfiction.

There is No God
by Penn Jillette. It was featured on National Public Radio’s This I Believe series.

Your job is to read the essay and decide if it is a personal or academic essay.
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