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Global Curricular Innovation

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angelica pejana

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Global Curricular Innovation

1.Project Child (computer Helping Instruction and Learning Development
- is a research-based instructional delivery system that enables one to intensify the curriculum with technology and hands-on learning.
CHILD goals are to:
modify the school structure and create classroom conditions conducive to learning with technology
create a cohesive of work that foster strategies for thinking
reign curriculum unitfor reading, language arts and mathematics so as to cover legally mandated content and integrating fully the use of computer in the curriculum
Structure and Procedure of CHILD
CHILD focuses on K-5 self-contained teaching using a triangulated approach.Cluster of three experts work across three grade levels to teach three basic formats in technology, hands-on and paper and pencil.
Six "stations" or learning centers n a project CHILD classroom
Computer station for technology-based learning
Textbook station for written work
Challenge station for activities for game formats
The imagination station for creative expression
Exploration Station for hands-on activities
Teacher Station for additional instruction support
Global Curricular Innovations
Station Activities/Task Cards
A companion of station planning guides, provide ideas for hands on station activities. It directs the learner to work, since specific objectives and directions are given for them to work independently and constructively.
Project CHILD Materials
Station planning Guides
- The contents include suggested software which are referenced to state standards, teaching tips, skills checklist for each grade level, list of materials and resources, and station activity pages
this is a management tool to help students become organized and focused on their work.It is also used to set and asses the goals of the learners.
Teacher's Manual
A complete guide to assist teachers in impleenting the CHILD program. The manual include the overview of the child, getting started, planning Station activities, Assessment, Managing the Classroom, roles and Responsibilities, and Essential Componentsm
Leadership Guide
It is composed of materials in making presentations to community groups and strategies to involve the school in adopting the effective practices in Project CHILD.
special Needs Inclusion Guide
A timely resource for both regular and exceptional teachers to support the inclusion of special needs in the classroom.
Training Facilitator Guide
It includes comprehensive trainings, overviews, transparencies and hand outs for workshop participation
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