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Pros and Cons of New Medical Technology

I-Search project

Inioluwa Adekoya

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of New Medical Technology

Many times people die of disease not because there is a problem with the equipment but because they cant afford it. Pros and Cons of New Medical Technology What are the positives and negatives of this technology? What I found is that even though these new pieces of technology helps to discover new ways to treat diseases like types of cancer, and increases survival in patience it still has a downside which is the cost that can be a big set back for many people. I realized that most of the problems have to do with the financial aspect and most of the benefits had to do with the actual treatment. presented by: Inioluwa Adekoya

THANK YOU! Brainstorming Results Realization Sketches When I started this project I thought that there was only positive things to say about new medical technology. but I knew that everything has a down side so I decided to do some research In the end I found that many of these products are efficient and helpful in many ways but it is the cost of the products that makes it difficult for people to take delight in the new wonderful things this new technology can bring us. when I began I wanted to know if there was any negative aspects and how do they affect people. We already know that new technology helps with research such as cancer research and much more.
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