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Jess Garbett Technology

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Jess Garbett Technology

From Cow To Carton
By Jess Garbett 5/6N

Step 1: Rearing
Cows in some dairy farms wander around all day and eat fresh grass. In other farms, they are fed grain, hay or silage and stay in confined animal feeding operations. Many large dairy farms use antibiotics during rearing to artificially increase milk production and to decrease spread of disease.
Step 2: Harvesting
Cows are usually milked twice a day. Milking takes about 5 minutes per cow, depending on the amount of milk the cow is producing. Most dairy farms have enough machinery to milk 20+ cows at a time.
Step 3: Storing
Milk storage vats are constantly refrigerated at 3 degrees Celcius or colder, for no more than 48 hours. After the milk is collected, the vats and pipes are cleaned before milking again.
Step 4: Transportation
Milk is collected every 24 or 48 hours. After collection, milk is transported to factories and stored in refrigerated silos before processing.
Step 5: Lab Testing
Samples of milk are taken away from vats before collection. Samples are tested for antibiotics. If samples are not quality standard they are "rejected".
Step 6: Processing
Approved whole milk is pumped into storage silos for pasteurization,homogenization and seperation
Stops fat from floating to the top of the storage container
Separates the cream from the milk
Whole Milk:
Low fat milk:
Skim milk:
Fat content reaches 3.25%
Fat content reaches 1%
Fat content reaches .05%
Step 7: Packaging
The milk travels through pipes which go directly to automatic packaging machines. A date is printed on each carton to show the span of freshness
Step 8: Selling
Milk is now ready for customers. It's stored in a large, refrigerated room until shop delivery for selling.
Heats every part of milk to a specific temperature
The Milking Machine
The milking machine assists in extracting milk from a cow. It works very easily, a laser will locate the udder and a robot arm will attach cups individually to each from underneath the cow. Swift teat cup attachment is guaranteed even when milking cows with teats missing. Should a cup be kicked off, it is reconnected quickly.
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