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English presentation

Lucia Feenstra

on 4 June 2018

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Transcript of Banking

- How a bank works
- Different kind of banks
- Financial institutions
- Case study
- Discussion
The path of life
Personal Banking
Central Banking
- Current accounts
- Saving accounts
- Commercial & Retail banks
Commercial Banking & Retail Banking
- Types of financial institution
Financial Institutions
- Raising capital
Investment Banking
- The functions of central banks
Islamic Banking
Case study
Meet Jack
- Debit & Credit cards
- Mortgages
Fact: somebody could be lending your money right now.
- Risk assessment
- Deregulation
- Specialized banks
- Mergers & acquisitions
- Consulting & research
- Interest-free banking
- Types of accounts
- Leasing & short-term loans
• Pay interest to depositors
• Charge interest to borrowers
• Lend money to finance personal consumption goods
Conventional Banks
• Give no return on current accounts; share profits with holders of savings accounts and investment accounts
• Share borrowers’ profits (or losses)
• Buy items for personal customers with a leasing or hire-purchase arrangement
Islamic Banks
- The central bank and the commercial banks
- Central banks and exchange rates
Are the largest investment banks in our country local of international?
Can you tell us some advantages and disadvantages of profit and loss sharing compared with charging interest?
The Bank
The Federal Reserve System(the Fed) has an insidious and a fraudulent nature. The Fed shouldn't speculate on the global stock market.
The central bank should stop doing bailouts and rescue banks.
Personal Banks shouldn't supply credit cards, because people spend more money than they can permit.
- How it works
- Loans & Reserves
- Personal banking
- Commercial & retail banking
- Financial Institutions
- Investment banking
- Central banking
- Islamic banking
- Case study
- Discussion
Liquidity = having cash available
The Federal Reserve
The private, central bank of the United States of America
Recurring banking crises to stop
Order the reserve requirements of banks
Banker of that government.
Stronger economic recovery
What is driving this rally?
Will this money supply continue?
The aggressive stimulating programmes undertaken by various central banks.
The returns on government debt
Interest rates being at near historic lows
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