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Golden Retrievers

Interesting facts that remind me of Riley ( my golden retriever dog/ puppy which is 7 months)!!!

Britney Burk

on 11 January 2011

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Transcript of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers! Golden Retrievers are many different shades of gold! the lightest shade light-medium shade medium shade medium- dark shade the darkest shade Goldens have phobias just like us! A phobia is something you are REALLY scared of! Some of their phobias are... Thunder storms, and hairdryers Being abandoned by their owners, Golden Retrievers have obsessions also! One obsession is socks! slippers, blankets playing fetch is a golden retrievers favorite game which they are obsessed with. stealing your stuff and then running (It is thear way of getting your attention) slippers And many more! some others are... And Much more but they would take too long to list out! Golden Retrievers are loving careing dogs! The End
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