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KCC Timeline

No description

Russ Havens

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of KCC Timeline

1910: Kensington Park Land Company Formed
1927: Pastor Frederic Sanders arrives from Australia and assumes Pastor role at Logan Heights Congregational Church
c 1928: Kensington home builders and Logan Heights Congregational Church members, F Riley and WH Young, tire of the drive to Logan Heights from Kensington and foster the thinking for an eventual Protestant church in Kensington. The Southern California Conference of the Congregational Church is contacted.
March 28, 1929: Southern California Conference of the Congregational Church acquires title for land at Jefferson (now Alder) and Marlborough. Purchase price: $4,750.

May 1, 1929: Pastor Frederic Sanders appointed Pastor of Kensington Church.

September 15, 1929: Dedication services held.
1929-1938: The Great Depression takes it toll on Kensington and on the Kensington Church. By October 1938, the “little white church” stood almost neglected. Weeds abound it and the building was beginning to deteriorate.
Oct. 1938: Ballot circulated among registered voters in Kensington, with questions ranging from “Should there continue to be a church at Jefferson and Marlborough” to “Shall the Congregational denomination withdraw in favor of the Evangel Baptist?”

The results were mixed and not necessarily robust in numbers, but a dialogue was sparked and a common need was realized. That of a new Pastor.
January 1, 1940: Rev. Roy Anger assumes the position of Pastor. His emergence as a candidate was remarkable in that it initially went so unnoticed. During the summer of 1939, on vacation from his pastoral duties in Calipatria, Rev. Anger visited San Diego and saw the neglected Kensington Church. He began weeding, hoeing, and tending the outside gardens. Gradually he met passersby and invited them to assist in his work, and of course to join in the weekly services. When those who attended saw how much work he’d done outside, a new hope was born. Attendance rose steadily. Sensing momentum, Rev. Anger went on to organize dinners, and it wasn’t long before all believed they had found a new Pastor.
Nov - Dec 1939: Kensington Community Church becomes the official name of the church.
December 7, 1941: Mid Sermon, Rev. Anger was handed a note. He immediately announced the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and several men left at once to report to duty.
December 2, 1945: Dr. Lester Bond assumes pastoral role.
Fall 1946: City denies architectural plans for new construction citing scarce materials.

Quickly, strategy evolves to purchase Camp Callan South Chapel near present day UCSD and move it to Kensington.

Purchase price: $7500.
Summer 1947: After vacationing in Colorado in the summer months, Dr. Bond becomes enamored with alabaster carving. He brings home 4 large pieces - weighing a combined 200 lbs -and begins carving a new baptismal font, eventually gifting it to the congregation at Christmastime. This is still used for baptisms to this day.
1957: United Church of Christ formed as a result of a merger between The Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches.
1951: Bill Ehlers joins KCC
October 1950: 4774 Edgeware property purchased.
Becomes known as The Guild House.
Better Photo Needed
1954: Betty Generoli, Carolyn Long Davis,
Stephanie York Sibley join KCC
1958: Alice Marcoux, Stephen Davis,
Ilah Jo Ely join KCC
1959: Mallie Odle joins KCC
1961: Gayle Trempe joins KCC
January 1, 1963: Dr. Bond resigns
1963: Maurice de Vries installed
as Interim Minister.
Better Photo needed
1963: Lee Hayes installed as Minister.
Better Photo needed
1964: Florence Clark joins KCC
September 1965: After months of fund raising,
construction of new social hall begins.
March 28. 1967: Lee Hayes resigns
March 28 - December 31, 1967: Charles L Knight
serves as Interim Minister
January 1, 1968: Maurice de Vries becomes Minister.
September 24, 1973: Pre-School opens
Better Photo needed
Better Photo needed
1958: Construction begins on Youth Hall
1954-57: Concept, Development, Construction
of Good Shepherd stained glass window.
1956: 4772 Edgeware Rd property purchased.
Assistant Pastor Richard Moore and
his wife assume residence.
1957: Guild starts Library.
New books were purchased,
reviews printed in the Chimes.
July 1965 2 Fires Damage Kensington Community Church
Fires damaged the Choir Room and the Children's Room. It was determined to be caused by arson. Pastor Lee Hayes calls for an emergency meeting of the congregation on July 25. Major rebuilding is required.
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