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Santa's Workshop: Cell Analogies

No description

Katie Judson

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Santa's Workshop: Cell Analogies

Santa's Workshop: Cell Analogies
The Plant Cell
Mountains: The Cell Wall
The mountains surrounding Santa's Workshop act as a barrier and don't let anyone harmful get through them.
Storage closet: Vacuole
In Santa's Workshop, there are lots of left over supplies, like wrapping paper, tape, bows, and spare parts. So, the elves store them in the storage closet until they are ready to be used.
Christmas lights: Mitochondria
Christmas lights at Santa's Workshop help supply light and energy to the workshop, and can be used to supply energy to many things and machines. Because of Santa's magical powers, they never run out of energy, and are able to keep supplying it to the workshop.
Guard and Inspector Elves: Lysosomes
Guard Elves surround Santa's Workshop and defend it from intruders. Inspector Elves look at each toy that is made and make sure that nothing is broken. If something is broken or damaged on a toy, or in the Workshop, the Inspector Elves will find out and get rid of the problem.
Mountains are like a cell wall, because they both are a hard layer that surround, protect, support, and give shape to the cell/workshop.
The vacuole's in cells temporarily store water and other materials, until the cell needs them. This is just like the storage closet in Santa's Workshop.
Mitochondria supply energy to the cell, just like the magical Christmas lights give energy to Santa's Workshop.
Lysosomes defend a cell from invading bacteria and viruses, just like the Guard Elves defend the Workshop from intruders. Lysosomes also break down damaged or worn-out cell parts, like the Inspector elves do.
Walls & Doors: The Cell Membrane
The walls and doors on Santa's Workshop control who comes in and goes out of the workshop. It also helps keep the elves warm, because it is a boundary between them and the snow outside.
The cell membrane forms a boundary between a cell and the outside environment, just like the walls and doors on Santa's Workshop. It also controls what materials pass into and out of the cell.
Santa's Safe: Nucleus
Santa keeps the most important information in his safe. It stores the list of girls and boys (telling if they are naughty or nice), and also the directions on making every single toy.
The safe is like the nucleus in a cell, because the nucleus stores most of the genetic information, or DNA in your cells. This information is super important, just like the things in Santa's safe.
Rudolph's Nose: Chloroplast
Rudolph's nose takes in light from the sun, and turns it into chemical energy that lights up his nose during the night, so that he can lead Santa's sleigh through the fog.
Chloroplasts are like Rudolph's nose, because they absorb sunlight and carry out photosynthesis, so that solar energy can be converted into other types of energy.
guard elf
inspector elves
Rooms in Workshop: Cytoplasm
In Santa's workshop, there are many rooms where different toys are made. These rooms fill up the inside of the Workshop, and have many presents and toys in them.
The cytoplasm in a cell is a jelly-like substance that contains dissolved molecular building blocks, and fills up the inside of a cell. Cytoplasm is like the rooms in Santa's workshop, because they both fill up the inside of what they are in, and have little particles in them.
Framework of Workshop: Cytoskeleton
The framework of the Workshop gives the building support and shape, so that everything inside it is protected from bad weather.
The cytoskeleton in a cell does the same thing as the framework of the workshop-it gives the cell support and structure.
Toy Making Machines: Rough ER
The toy making machines in Santa's Workshop make toys, and then send them on to the next machine where another part gets added onto the toy.
The Rough ER in a cell makes proteins, then sends it through the lumen, where sugar chains can be added. This is like the toy making machines, because they both make the essential thing in the cell/workshop, and pass it on to the next part to become more stable.
Present Slides to Sleigh: Smooth ER
After toys are made in the toy machines, they slide down super long slides to get to the sleigh where they fall into Santa's toy sack.
The slides to Santa's sleigh are like the Smooth ER, because both are used as channels for transportation.
Santa's List & Toys: DNA/Proteins
Santa's List of Boys and girls shows who has been naughty or nice, and also what toy they want. Next to the person's name, it also has the instructions on how to make the toy they want.
Santa's List and DNA are very similar, because both have the instuctions on how to make something: List=toys, and DNA=proteins. The toys are like proteins, because they are what the cell/workshop are trying to make.
Elves: Ribosomes
Elves make the toys for every girl and boy. They put pieces together to make each toy function correctly.
Ribosomes are similar to elves, because they link amino acids together to form proteins, just like elves put parts together to form a whole toy.
Mailroom: Golgi Apparatus
In the mailroom, elves sort the presents, and put names on them. They then organize them so that they will be delivered to the right place. Lastly, they send them down the present slides.
The golgi apparatus sorts, packages, and delivers proteins, just like the elves in the mailroom do. They both make sure that everything is packaged up properly and is sent to the right place.
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