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Prevention of unethical behaviour

No description

Ivan Yee

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Prevention of unethical behaviour

Prevention of
unethical behavior

Code of Ethics
create code of ethics - values that are important
Creates a common framework - boundaries within the organization.
Written in broad, idealistic terms to communicate the company’s ethical vision.
Ethical expectations - company's mission statement and employee handbooks.
Involvement of key employees - ensure that leaders are on board with and committed to the values.
Lead by Example
Employees look to business owners and managers for direction on how they should conduct themselves.

Make ethics-based decisions and monitor the individuals.
Provide incentives

Provide compensation incentives
end-of-the-year bonus, additional paid time off or increase in salary.
Employees Empowerment
Ethics-training programs

grant staff the know-how to appropriately identify and handle ethics violations.

Ethics courses

books and other written materials, online, private or live instruction trainings
Welcome an
Ethics Speaker

Schedule an ethics trainer to visit your work site to discuss ethical behavior

Explain why ethical behavior is important in organizations.

Use of role-playing, motivational speaking, videos and handouts - importance of ethics in the workplace.

Show Employees Appreciation
Loyal employees feel that a company values the hard work they put into accomplishing tasks on a daily basis.

Show appreciation to the employees for work well done on a regular basis to encourage loyalty.
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