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What Happened to the Big Three?

No description

Michele Duhaime

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of What Happened to the Big Three?

Death of Detroit Journeymanpictures "London's leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage."
Drc - Nation of Vice (rape as a tactic of war)
Uk - Let them Eat Cheese ( Ireland's recession)
...now on the brink of Death Who Posted It? Detroit Other Video What Did people think? posted 1 year ago 27,064 views
9 Dislikes
The Specs Advice Sympathy Foreign Automakers Tariffs The UAW How did they get their point across? Current/Retired UAW workers
GM Managers
Security Guards Interviews Strategies Speech from the president
Epic music
Examples of the decay Outdated
Factual numbers seemed a little off
No hope for a rebuild Points Against http://www.journeyman.tv/59707/short-films/death-of-detroit.html
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