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The Blind Side

No description

Zach Barnes

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Blind Side

The Blind Side Book By: Michael Lewis
Presentation By: Zach Barnes Main Characters Michael Oher He is the main character in the story "The Blind Side." During his whole life he has been through a lot. He has been taken away from his mother, his father left him when he was very young and he really has nowhere to stay. Until the Tuohy's meet him. They realize that he is all alone and has nowhere to stay so they let him stay with them for a few nights, until, Michael is really part of the family. Sean Tuohy Leigh Anne Tuohy She is the one in the movie who really takes Michael in. She is always there for him. She is very wealthy and when she takes Michael in, he feels like he's in paradise because they have so much love for him. She is very life-changing for Michael Oher. In the book, he is the one who really notices Michael and takes him in. In the past he has helped needy children. So, at first Michael was no different. But then he realized how good of a person Michael is and with the help of Leigh Anne, Michael had a home.

He also was the best Point Guard at Ole Miss and owns several restaurants across Tennessee. S.J. Tuohy Collins Tuohy He is the youngest of the Tuohys. He is named after is father Sean. He really enjoys coming up with ideas and having fun. He also enjoys hanging out with his "big brother" Michael all the time. Collins is the oldest child in the Tuohy family. She is S.J.'s older sister and enjoys being with her family sometimes. Going through the story, she really starts to enjoy having Michael around all the time. Story When the Tuohys first meet Michael Oher, he is one of thirteen children from a mother who is addicted to crack. Michael Oher doesn't really know anything. He doesn't know his real name, father, birthday, or how to read or write. He had been staying with a family, but after a while they wife of the family didn't want him around anymore, so he really was on his own from there. He started to go to Briarcrest Private school. Some of the other kids on the athletic teams that Michael played on let him stay with them, but the one that really stuck out, were the Tuohys. Sean Tuohy helped coach the football team and helped Michael the rest of the way. They helped him with everything; school work, money, they even got him a drivers license and a car. From there, Michael Oher became one of the best Left Tackles the state of Tennessee has ever seen. Differences Book: Movie: Michael stayed with several families He stayed with the Tuohys only He played several sports at school but football really was the best fit It only talks about football Collins and he graduated at the same time Michael graduated by himself My review: I enjoyed the book and movie both a lot. But if I had to pick one it would be the book because it really just described more of Michaels life. But don't get me wrong, the movie was a very good thriller. I give the movie an 8/10 stars and the book a 9.5/10 stars. Trailer: The End! After the Tuohys take in Michael he takes up football and is shaky at first, but really gets the hang of it. He becomes a star in Tennessee High School footabll and the Tuohys want him to achieve great things. After a video that S.J. had made on CD copies and sent out to colleges of Michael during a game, scouts across the country wanted him to come and play for their college team. He said that he would love to play for all of them because they all give such great offers, but he couldn't play unless he got his grades up. His GPA had to be at a certain point for him to play Division I college football. So the Tuohys hired a tutor for Michael and in the end he gets his GPA high enough to graduate and play. He chooses Ole Miss and is a star. Currently he plays left tackle in the pros for the Baltimore Ravens
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