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Computers in Recreation and Entertainment

No description

nicole martin

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Computers in Recreation and Entertainment

Computers in Recreation and Entertainment What are computers in recreation and entertainment Social Media Conclusion What are computers in recreation and entertainment ?

Computers in recreation and entertainment are the ones that
we use , there are divided in 5 differents categories
social, communication,sports,music and games In theory we can use our computers in so many types, but the most comun are the ones that are in this presentation
Is a way where humans can communicate with others persons of other places an example is facebook where you can see pictures or chat with people Communication In this categorie are more the one types to be in contact with somebody and in this case i chose msn because is a way to communicate with your friends or your family Music We like to hear different kind of music , in the computer are so many ways to hear it but the most comun is itunes, where you can buy or download musica, games and videos
sports In the computers also you can learn and see differents types of sports an example is when you want to know about a football game you can see in a web page
Games When we are boring at the computer we can play some games there are many web pages to play any kind of game and the most popular game page is minijuegos.com
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