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Computer and How they help us

No description

Shoaib Shah

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Computer and How they help us

How computer help us to do our work
The Computer
Computers today are one of the important things we are using. They have helped a lot in compiling a lot data which used to be in hard records. One of the uses or benefits of computers is that they are able to provide and retrieve information so quickly so they have increased the pace of our work. The increase in the speed of work has helped us to do many things with less resources like in past a lot of manpower was used for record keeping and files and other things were made to keep the records saved.
This is one use of computers in our lives other than that computers has helped us to work with machines which have the ability to produce the best quality of products with maximum speed and efficiency. In today's world it is necessary that to cater for such a heavy population things are made at the higher pace with best quality, so it is possible with the help of computer that we are able to cater for the need of quantity and quality of products required in daily life.
Computer is also helping us in education of children, it has enabled us to get the information form one part of the world to the other at a very rapid pace. So in summary computer today is in every walk of life, and is helping us a lot in developing at a fast pace.
Example of helps by computer
I use computer to pay all my utilities bills in 15 mints which would take me more than an hour were I to go to the post office to make payment in queue.
I read the latest local and international news, without having to subscribe to newspaper. The news is faster than newspapers, can be as soon as they happen or live. Not only that in some countries, the press is regulated and not allowed to publish many things especially truths about/against the government, but there are many online news portal/ personal blogs that reveal unpublished truth, so internet allows one to access them.
I can get in touch famlily members/friends/relatives anytime all over the world at minimal or no cost at all via messengers/skype...etc
This actually can be considered an extension of point No. 1. I used to go around places to source prospects by approaching the shops asking for only their HQ contact nos. That usually take a lot of traveling, walking, time and effort. Used to get like the most 20 contacts in a day. But now with a few clicks of the mouse, I can get more than that with more necessary details like address, email, company profiles etc, by visiting their websites, all that in the comfort of my home.
Here's something I wish I can do. Making money online. Yup, online marketing. Some are making as much as $500,000+ a year even more. Wish I can make 10% of that! No cost/risk at all. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell products and earn commssions by referring customers to them through your blogs/websites.
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