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Social Media

No description

Graham Findlay

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Social Media


Social Media
Social Media, is one of the most powerful tools in the world.

Environmental/ Ecological
Facebook Censoring - beheading video.
Replacing phone calls and text messages?
Applying for jobs through apps and social media

Use of media in business

Businesses using social media to advertise
Grey area between social media and the law

Dangerous for those who work within law enforcement industry

Most recent outlet for witness intimidation
Opportunities and Threats
Opportunities - Potential for growth in China, Developments in PrimeSense, Lithium air batteries
Threats- Increase of competition of new technologies, Changing laws, Tax loop holes
PE Index
Prism 8

2016 Presidential Elections 7

The class divide 5

Federal Reserve Elections 6

Add tracking 6
The Candidates
Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Martin O'Malley
Rick Santorum
Paul Ryan
Rick Perry
Apple buys PrimeSense 2

Google Plus & Android 7

Twitter IPO 6

Snapchat, No sale 6

Air Battery 1
Shanghai, you may update your status 1

Li Keqiang, rolling back the state 1

Mass Infrastructure Development 1

Mass Technology Investment 1

Reduction in one child policy 1
4G is here, well almost 1

Enter your details for Renren and Kaixin001 & Sina Weibo 8

Iphone 5S & 5C to launch in China 1

Xiomi Mi3 sells 220,000 in 83 seconds 7

Baidu, its expanding 8

What Social Networking In China Looks Like
Kaixin001, The most popular social networking site in China, the resemblance to Facebook is uncanny.
Federal Reserve Chairwomen
Janet Yellen
taking over as the chairwomen of the federal reserve.
Weibo, the other way to social network in china, both companies centrally run. Both companies will offer Facebook the true challenge, on tackling social media
Social media and carbon footprints
Facebook aims to 'go green'
Increases help and awareness in environmental issues

PE Risk Index score of 3
PE Risk Index score of 5.4
Baidu Buying Big

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