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Copy of Wide Sargasso Sea Structure

No description

Bernie Rogers

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Wide Sargasso Sea Structure

Wide Sargasso
Sea Structure

Three Parts much like the orignal three volume publishing of Jane Eyre
Major Events
Narration Change
Part one is narrated by Antoinette
Antoinette and her mother live at Coulibri estate with three servants and her father had recently passed away
Due to Annette's neglection of Antoinette, Christophine becomes a mother figure
Antoinette meets Tia and they have a shortlived friendship and Tia betrays her after a bet
Antoinette has a nightmare- first dream
Annette and Mr.Mason get married
Antoinette and her brother live with their aunt Cora in Spanish Town as their mother and new father honeymoon
Antoinette's house is burnt down and Coco the parrot dies a fiery death. Pierre also dies from the fire.
Antoinette has a long fever and when she heals she enrolls in a convent school
Sandi protects Antoinette from bullies
Antoinette has a second dream
"Rochester" and Antoinette get married
They go to live in Granbois
They keep their relationship going though constant sexual activities
"Rochester" recieves a letter from Daniel Cosway regarding Antoinettes past
Christophine leaves
Antoinette and Rochesters relationship is falling apart
Antoinette travels to Christophine and requests a love potion
Daniel Cosway sends Rochester a second letter and Rochester goes to speak with him in person
Daniel tells Rochester of many negative things about Antoinettes past and attempts to take money from Rochester in exchange for keeping his mouth shut
Rochester begins calling Antoinette Bertha
Antoinette uses the love potion on Rochester but the effects did not bring love
Rochester cheats on Antoinette with their servant Amelie
Part 3
Rochester brings Antoinette to England and locks her in the attic with a servent named Grace Poole looking after her
Antoinette stabs Richard Mason
Antoinette has her third dream
Feeling she must re-enact the dream, Antoinette starts a fire
Part 2
Part 1
Initial Incident
Married to Mr. Mason
Rising Action
Coulibri Estate Burns Down at the
Hands of Freed Slaves
Sandi Sends Antoinette`s Bullies Away
Effectively Protecting Her
Marriage to a Man Assumed as Rochester
Falling Action
Antoinette’s Husband Imprisons Her, Stripping Away All Her Freedom
"I was too shocked to speak. Her hair hung uncombed and dull into her eyes which were inflamed and staring, her face was very flushed and looked swollen. Her feet were bare." page 94
Receives Letters From Daniel Cosway
Depicting Antoinette’s Coming Lunacy
Antoinette Pleads Christophine to Use Obeah
in Order to Make Her Husband Love Her Again
This Love Potion Turns Out to be Poison
and Rochester Has an Affair with Amelie
Antoinette Remebers What She Must Do, Through a Dream Involving Burning Down of Thornfield, Thus is Assumed That is What She Did
Emancipation Act, Family Becomes Poor as Father Passes Away
Antecedant action within this novel is presented differently than in Jane Eyre. In Wide Sargasso Sea, letters are used to inform the reader of all the antecedent action while in Jane Eyre, antecedent action is extrapolated from dialogue. This in turn displays the different styles of the authors even though the novels are prequel and original.
"There we were, sheltering from the heavy rain under a large mango tree, myself, my wife Antoinette and a little half-caste servant who was called Amélie" page 36
"She was sitting on a box under her mango tree, smoking a white clay pipe and she called out, 'It's you, Antoinette? Why you come up here so early?'" page 66
"'The mistress pay a visit,' Baptiste told me when he brought my coffee that morning. 'She will come back tonight or tomorrow. She make up her mind in a hurry and she has gone'" page 74
"'They knew that he was in Jamaica whne his father and his brother died,' Grace Poole said. page 114
"In this room I wake early and lie shivering for it is very cold. At last Grace Poole, the woman who looks after me, lights a fire with paper and sticks and lumps of coal." page 115
Time/Space Change
Although this is written supposedly as a Prequel, the story dives very far into Jane Eyre's story such that it is not a Prequel at the end of part three.
Example of time and space change pg.80: "Then I walked to the tree where I'd left my home and rode away as quickly as I could" next paragraph "The telescope was pushed to one side of the table making room for a decanter half full..."
Jean Rhys uses time and space change throughout the novel to give the reader a sense of confusion. This was not done in Jane Eyre.
This leaves the reader not knowing where the narrator is, not knowing the time of what is happening, and also not even sure of who the narrator is Since Rhys may of written a narrator change. CONFUSION
Part two shifts narration to "Rochester" (he is not named but it is assumed from Jane Eyre) and has the bulk of the narration
During Part Two, it switches back to Antoinette’s narration as she visits Christophine
After that it switches back to Rochester for the rest of the section
Part three's beginning is narrated by Grace Poole
But after switches to Antoinette until the conclusion of the novel
This promotes confusion within the novel which can be paralleled to the craziness of Antoinette
Narration change is easier to figure out because Rhys does not need anymore confusion as by this section of the book, the reader should have figured out that Antoinette is crazy already
Narration change is very important because Rhys gives multiple characters voice whereas in Jane Eyre only Jane Eyre had voice.
Bernie Rogers
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