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Creuna Morgenbriefing: Going Mobile!.. but what to choose?

No description

Simon Kibsgård

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Creuna Morgenbriefing: Going Mobile!.. but what to choose?

Creuna Morgenbriefing Going Mobile!... But what to choose? Awareness A good foundation Intensive engagement Connected touch points ease of accessibility meet a real customer demand Make core product more attractive With responsive
web design Multi device heaven... Test With template swapping Different templates for mobile(, tablets) and desktops A mobile friendly website Mobile landingpages
In your current/new CMS
Setup redirects
Measure! Sponsorship or
co-branding In-app ads
Marketing gamification Buy ads, push messages SMS
Paid search
Paid stories Simply connect your current touch points A t the root of every decision making tree there is a pain, a challenge, an opportunity Technologies Customer insights S W O T Your business Resources thinkwithgoogle.com Audience > Technology > Browser & OS Moore's law in your market in your customer base in the pipeline in the wider world Drive Loyalty Get on their home screens I have 151 apps installed I use 25 All of those 25 provide a core product After these 25...? Re-targeting! Advocacy Learning Sharing Cultivation Use Interaction Researching Attraction Discovery ...And 3 engagement cycles Purchase Awareness Loyalty Revenue Potential Advocacy Crowding Sharing Cultivation Use Interaction Researching Attraction Discovery Awareness A desirable customer journey Purchase Potential Revenue Loyalty #5 Ask heavy user to rate his last buy on Facebook page #2 Register serial number to new anonymous customer
#3 Link customer to personalized offer

#7 Customer connected via Facebook and happy with product
#8 Loyal customer identifies missing feature #1 Customer connected new product online Loyalty Revenue Some touch points #4 Tell customer he’s valued and provide special offer #6 User rates 4/5 and suggest missing feature. 5K ppl. like that ...We have a core product ready for mobile!... ...We don't know how to capitalize... ...Management is ready to invest in sound business cases... ...We're really a "projects organization".... Advocacy Crowding Sharing Cultivation Use Interaction Researching Attraction Discovery Awareness A real customer journey Purchase Potential Revenue Loyalty Reviews say we are good, but not value for money They love the product, but customer service is unable to fix problems over phone Services are key drivers to morebizz in webshop! Raise Awareness Increase Revenue A and then you are ready to choose from SMS, Email, Web, Apps, Barcodes, AR and all of those in combination Don't count on your luck With campaigns, landing pages and content With different leads Now, go mobile first! New digital features are targeted mobile customers because they are first movers and engaged Fluid width
Flexible media
Media queries Capability adaption (upgraded experience) It's a whole lot of responsibility... This is your new site: This is your editor tool: This is (some of) your test bench: ...but you're ready to pull the plug on your old site Making use of... Accelerometer?
VOIP? U Still, remember a plan and measurable goals branding to after sales.
Increased engagement means more happy customers and more sales se mobile to extend existing target group relationships and establish new ones in all levels of engagement; from Opens to new revenue from
paid app
in-app purchases
ad revenue The html5 branch? HTML5 will...
...bring app development "back home"?
...position you on the home screen at minimal cost?
...Kill the app store business model? ...Make the web much more potent and fill out the gap between your website and the app store Engaging with apps Takeaways Knowledge, analysis and commitment lie at the root
Engagement is valuable but it doesn't come for free
You need to market for mobile as well
Your website is still the most important foundation - HTML5 will make this even more so 1.4 mil.
8x CR 2 2 2 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 4 2
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