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Chapter Visit

Get excited for the 2012-13 DECA year! We are DECA and we are excited to THRIVE!

Tyler James Dyer

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Chapter Visit

DECA THRIVE 2012-2013 ? What Is DECA DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, & managment in high schools and colleges around the globe. It's Easy Why Should You Get Involved TRAVEL The State Seattle The Country Anaheim, CA Emerald Downs Bellevue Atlanta, GA The Globe China COMPETE Area Level January 2013 State Level
March 2013 International Level
May 2013 Marketing Managment Sports & Entertainment Marketing Professional Selling Apparel & Accessories Accounting
Applications Automotive Services Restaurant
Food Service Community
Project Advertising Campaign Individual / Team
Role Plays Chapter
Projects Written
Manuals Marketing
Events Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurship
Written Over 60
Competitive Events Washington DC Orlando Salt Lake City Phoenix Chicago LEAD Become
A Chapter
Leader Run Meetings Plan Events Work With
Area President Represent
Chapter Run For Area
Vice-President Represent Area 5
at Conferences Plan Area Wide
Meetings / Events Network with Local
Business Professionals Run For
State Office Attend Elite
Leadership Training Represent Area 5
and Washington DECA Area 5 President Elections
January 2013 State President Elections
March 2013 Plan & Run
Washington DECA
Conferences Connect Washington DECA Sponsors National DECA Sponsors With
Oppurtunities With $300,000 in
Scholarships ACQUIRE THE SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS Attend Conferences
-Use Social Media Effectively
-Dress Professionally
-Market Yourself Compete
-Real World Applications
-Use What Your Learning In The Classroom
-Presenting Comes Easy!
-WIN BIG! With DECA's 200,000
Member Base With DECA's Community
Service Organizations Lead
-At the Area, State, & National Levels
-Learn to run meetings
-Plan Events
-Develop campaigns Simple Reasons 5 5 4 3 2 1 How Do You Get Involved? Compete for the Area Spirit Award Connect with DECA on Social Media! Attend the Western Region
Leadership Conference Compete at Area Career
Development Conference
Jan. 2013 Consider Running for
Area Vice President Become a DECA Member. Subscribe to the
Monthly Newsletter Tyler James Dyer Senior @ Kentlake High School Running Start @ Green River CC 4 Year DECA Member Area 5 President Also involved in Key Club & FBLA Logo Quiz Deadline 9/26 Trivia What year was DECA founded? SCDC ICDC Trivia How many Areas is Washington DECA divided into? Nail A Job Interview Do Better In School Network Fill In The Blank DECA is an association of _________ students
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