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Who would be the audience for your media product?

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on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Who would be the audience for your media product?

Finally i feel that we have created our thriller perfectly in conjunction with our research and planning. I'm pleased with the way our thriller has come together and feel that we have adequately targeted the group we intended to. Who would be the audience for your media product? when creating our media piece, we looked into different themes and also what would appeal to certain age groups. we felt that thrillers themselves appeal to a more younger audience (teenagers/young adults) and so we approached the making of our thriller opening with the intentions of making it suitable for a younger audience to watch and enjoy. when planning our thriller opening ,after deciding what our target audience would be, we had to look into what themes and issues which would interest that age group. we looked into popular thrillers and films which people of our target age group enjoyed and also what thriller movies they seen and had disliked. As the target age group we were aiming at was around the same age group as myself and my peers, we found research into likes and dislikes much easier as we already had a rough idea of the kind of thriller our target audience would appeal too through previous audience research. we feel that our thriller is perfect for this target audience as during the research and planning stages of our thriller we collected valuable research from this specific audience and tried to show the outcome in our piece. we feel that the editing and the effects that we have put in our thriller opening will not only target a specific clique or stereotype, but if created into a film would be rated and enjoyed universally by the target age group. We would like to think our thriller opening would attract people who aren't necessarily fans of thrillers but are fans of good quality films, something they can see coming out of our thriller. we felt that the younger audience was better for us as we already had a rough idea on what we as teenagers/young adults ourselves would like to watch. when picking a target audience we had to look into what audience we would like to target, we discussed the issue of targeting an older audience. although a more mature audience may be more creditable when analyzing a thriller opening, we felt that a younger audience would also have a more constructive say towards our piece as thrillers are generally watched by the younger generation and would appeal more to them than it would to an older audience. one of the main reasons we chose to target a teenage age group is that during our research most of our questionnaires and research methods were answered and discussed by that that target group. we also felt that the thriller opening, although targeted at a certain audience needed to be available to most people and so certifying our thriller at 15 was the perfect way to make it available to our target group whilst being able to work with the 'thriller' element of our piece perfectly.
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