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Eragon and Eldest


Brayden Martino

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Eragon and Eldest

ERAGON Ethics: Should Eragon keep the mysterious stone and see what it is, or should he not risk it and just get rid of it? If I was in that situation I would wait and see what happens. I am very curious and couldn't stand just getting rid of it, not knowing what it is. Paradox: When Eragon meets Murtagh he didn't have to save Eragon. It is very important to the story, because that is how Eragon and Murtagh met. Plus, for all Murtagh knows, Eragon could have been on Galbatorix's side, but it was important to the story, the author made Murtagh do that. Patterns: There is a battle at the end of each
book in the series, including the future book 4.... Unanswered Questions:
Why did Murtagh tell Eragon
he was Morzon's son?
What girl of royal blood will
Eragon fall in love with?
Who is going to be the next
Impact: When Eragon finds the stone in the spine, it changes his life so much, a long with many other peoples life. Just because of one simple egg, the whole country Allegasia is nearly in catastrophe. Since Eragon "stole" the egg, the Ra'zaac, the Urgals, and Galbatorix all want revenge. If Eragon never found the egg, everything would almost be as normal as before. Multiple Perspective: Galbatorix thinks that it is "OK" to do all of this horrible stuff to the people of Allegasia. Eragon and the Varden want to stop him because they think it is wrong. I agree with Eragon and the Varden, because I know if I was them, I wouldn't want to be treated that way. Language Of The Discipline:
Eragon, Saphira, Brom,
Garrow, Roran, Galbatorix,
The Ancient Language, Arya,
The Varden, Ajihad, Carvihall,
Dragon Rider, Inheritance. Details:
Eragon is a poor farm boy, until he finds a mysterious stone while hunting in the spine, witch turns out to be a dragon egg.
Change Over Time: Before Eragon a rider there was no hope for over throwing Galbatorix but now he is a rider there is a new found hope. Parallel: This series is connected to Dragons In Our Mist because as Billy and Bonnie are fighting evil, so are Eragon and the Varden. Plus, they both have to do with the whole "wanting dragons" and "wanting power over others." Contribution: Eragon found the egg witch made him a rider. Which made him closer to defeting Galbatorix. Eldest Language Of The Discapline: Eldest, Twins, Murtagh, Inheritance, Varden, Nasuada, Ellesmera, Oromis, Glaedr. Details: Eragon and Saphira go to Ellesmera to begin their training. Unanswered Questions: Why did Thorn hatch for Murtagh? What is Murtagh's true name? Will we ever meet Galbatorix? Will Shirukin ever be free from Galbatorix? Why did Murtagh survive? Will Murtagh ever become part of the Varden again? Is Eragon really Morzan's son? What is going to happen to Eragon and Saphira next? Will Eragon keep his promise to rescue Katrina? Will they fail or succeed? Rules: According to the prophecy, Eragon must marry someone of royal blood, and since Arya is a princess it would be very likely for Eragon to marry her. Big Idea - Power: Nasuada is powerful since she became the leader of the Varden, and also Galbatorix has seeking power in all three of the books, because he is the King, and he has a big army that is under his control, all because of his magic skills. Multiple Perspectives: Eragon confesses his feelings for Arya, but Arya doesn't feel the same way. Paradox: How did they transform Eragon into part elf and why? Contribution: Az Swelden rak Anhuin hates Eragon, which leads them into attempting to kill Eragon, which leads into them being bannished. Impact: When Ajihad, Murtagh, and the Twins come back from hunting Urgals, they are attacked. Ajihad is killed, and Murtagh and the Twins are captured. It impacts the Varden because their leader is dead, and their best magicians have beem captured with Murtagh. Impact: When Hrothgar adopts Eragon into his clan, it affects all of the dwarves, and when Hrothgar dies and they need a new king, they have to count on Eragon. Details: Eragon learns that the Varden are about to have a battle with the Empire, and they need Eragon and Saphira. Details: Roran has been busy hunting down the Ra'zaac with the rest of Carvahall! Details: Sloan betrays Carvahall for the Ra'zaac. Then the Ra'zaac capture Katrina! Rules: If you mess up on your wording in the Ancient Language, it will turn out differently than you intended. Example - Eragon learns that the girl he thought he blessed, he actually cursed. Impact: Eragon finds out that another dragon has hatched and it is on Galbatorix's side. That impacts Alagasia as a whole because there is another Rider fighting on Galbatorix's side, which makes Galbatorix way more powerful. Impact: The Rider of the red dragon kills Hrothgar then reveals himself to be Murtagh, whom they thought was dead. Parallel: When Murtagh tells Eragon that they are brothers, it is just like the book "What Time Is It?" when Phillip tells Melvin that they are actually brothers. Rules: You can't lie in the Ancient Language. When Eragon promises that he will help Roran rescue Katrina, he must do it, because he said it in the Ancient Language. Details: Eragon is given the Za'roc, and Brom trains Eragon. Brom confesses he is a Dragon Rider and he too had a dragon named Saphira. Details: Eragon and Saphira join the Varden. Details: Eragon is captured and taken before the evil shade Durza. Murtagh saves Eragon and an elf named Arya. Arya gets hurt. Details: The twins go through Eragon's mind. Contribution: Eragon meets Brom and Brom told him about dragons, which lead Eragon meeting the Ra'zaac, then he meets Murtagh and it became a very big mess. Contribution: Eragon meets Angela, which leads Eragon into getting his fortune told, which leads into book three when Eragon needs a sword which is very important. Details: Brom confesses that he is a Rider with his last breath, and his dragon's name was Saphira, but Morzon killed her. Eragon needed to be trained by another Rider, and so it makes sense that Oromis and Glaedr are alive. The only Rider besides them would be Galbatorix, and that wouldn't work. Trends: Murder The End.
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