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I am currently reading The Roar by Emma Clayton. Th

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on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of I am currently reading The Roar by Emma Clayton. Th

Example 1
Secrets come into this book as early as page 5, where Mal Gorman talks with his soldiers.

"Does she know The Secret?"
"Yes, sir."
Destroy her. Pulped, pureed, minced, diced, and buried somewhere under a ton of concrete. Do you understand?"
"Yes, sir."
Example 3
Finding something out can also change you. On page 256, Mika finds out his sister is still alive, his life is changed.

"Why?" Mika asked.
"Because if you behave, you can have your sister back," Gorman replied.
Mika stood in shock. He had been told his sister died over a year ago.
Example 2
Not knowing something can be just as important as knowing something. On page 73, this was true with Mika.

Mika sat on his bed with Helen. They didn't speak. They both felt that there was something wrong with the Fit for Life program, what didn't know what it was.
I am currently reading
The Roar
by Emma Clayton. The book is about Mika and Ellie, two twins. Mika has to pass several obstacles to find his lost sister. The theme of the book is secrets, and how knowing, or not knowing something can change everything.
Example 4

Keeping secrets can hurt you in the long run.

"The Animal Plague was never real. The wealthist people made it up to get rid of all of us. And now, they have all of the beautiful world while we have a giant pile of concrete. Now, I realize I should have told someone this. I'm so sorry." Gorman cried out.
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