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Health Literacy Writing and Design


Jeroen Tetteroo

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Health Literacy Writing and Design

What does
look like?

Explain how to use it
and what is inside.
of information in the document
State the purpose
of the document.
Health Literacy Writing
Show reader's peers.
Show behaviors
reader should
Check boxes and
fill in the blanks
cause the reader to
interact with the
information. They
give the reader
a reason to come
back to the document.
Bulleted lists break the
information down so that
it is easy to follow.
Motivational Techniques
Testimonials are used because readers are more likely to follow suggestions from their peers.
Text boxes highlight
important information.
customized for the reader
Give the reader
clear action items.
Questions are phrased as
the reader would ask so they
are real and meaningful.
a variety of
keep the reader engaged
Layout and Design
follows Health Literacy guidelines
Educational Models
Research supports motivational techniques.
Communications motivate readers to follow specific behaviors.
locus of control
adult education theory
cultural norms
health psychology
Dialogues personalize
information and show the
reader's peers talking about
doing the desired behaviors.
font choice
font size
line length
paragraph length
Specific Health Literacy
design rules are followed to optimize the reader's comprehension.
Motivational Techniques used by an expert Health Literacy writer are based on educational models and the writer's subject matter expertise to know “why” the person resists that behavior.
There are over 200 design rules to follow in effective Health Literacy Materials
TIP: Work with our Health Literacy Expert
on an initial outline of topics first
Organization of information can be very time consuming
Correspond with text on page
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