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Social meeting industry project competitions, Voluntary proj

No description

James Carlson

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Social meeting industry project competitions, Voluntary proj

Continue on co-labs--after a co-lab on a theme, do another co-lab on that theme in the same area
Organizing meetings between alumni of the workshops
Host meetups
Host events like Interdisciplinary Friday (a-la CRI)
Inviting alumni to help to continue the project, give deadlines and expand the number of workshops
Making subgroups from every few countries and fields
Create co-lab community
What are the strong values of OSS?
Real learning
Promote cooperation instead of competition
Create diverse POV
No teachers, no homework
Create perception that scientists do valuable things - self-esteem increase for scientists
Freedom from lab
Real-life, concrete
Make science more approachable (simplification, translation, vulgarize) to non-scientists
Create trust between people
Anyone has something to teach
Open source / open data
Sharing knowledge
Recycling the experience
Learning by doing
Creates better educational tools
Involving all generations, and people who are not actively seeking knowledge (e.g. highschool students)
Designers learn how to make concrete their abstract ideas
Make popular science in other countries (not just France)
International team is responsible
Free or nearly free
What is appealing to the target users? Why would they choose to participate in co-lab workshop?
It's free
Informal - breaking down barriers
Sometimes, location creates prestige (e.g. Cambridge) for both participants and co-lab
Meet interesting people!
Get another perspective on your daily work
A surprise -- you don't know what you'll make when you start
Creates a forum of sympathetic listeners into which you can share your ideas
New idea and new community, shares interests with interdisciplinarity
Rare chance for this type of interaction
Comes from students, showcasing student talent in positive way, comes from student community
Traveling to the workshop location can be fun

What additional resources (knowledge, expertise, money, networks) would you really need to answer the challenge and how would you find those resources?
Dollars or Euros:
Start some startups and create new commercial products with workshop results
(Milk cheese bottle!)
Crowdsourcing of funds
Grants from universities
People (such as companies) who want to consult database have to pay
In U.S. Title 11 funds for highschool classes
Start charging fees for workshops
Make beer! Open Science Brew
Industry provides support
Advertising for companies during workshop
Ask for donations for materials
Ask alumni for contributions after, if they liked it
Produce a song at end of each workshop, make an album, sell album
Create museum exhibitions and tour them, with results of workshops
Open Science Caravan - mobile museum
Do art with microbes, sell art
Custom workshop for families for a fee
Bio wedding!
Expertise and networks:

Alumni knowledge
Street surveys
Knowledge exchange - link workshops to other workshops

During workshops, exchange roles (e.g. designer plays as scientist, scientist plays as designer, open critical dialogue - and make a game of awarding those who play roles best)
During workshops, swap projects between subteams
To understand different cultures - link science question of the workshop to the cultural backdrop in the seasons, the geography)
Social meeting industry project competitions, Voluntary projects and collaboration with NGO
Field trips (to sites such as refugee camps)
Link theme of workshops to the ambient culture problems
Do one day of the workshop somewhere else--public place, park, office, etc.--change the scene (depends on the required infrastructure) but find unconventional places to select from a variety of atmospheres
Database / online community
Create social profiles for open science school alumni, so they can more easily find one another (links to MAP idea)
Make a database where OSS and others are responsible to post funding applications and grant opportunities
Create a map where you see where people are located who attended the workshop
Bulletin board where you can post the projects that you're working on, and find collaboration, advice, or missing information that you need to complete (project collaboration board or 'job board')
Create a database of the experiences from the workshops
Involve people from organizaations (or alumni) as jury at end of workshop, to see if projects are well developed or interesting, to spread the idea beyond the workshop (e.g. like hackathon) - external review of projects
Allow people to become Co-lab Members
Publish co-lab journal, contains news and updates, advertising = $$$
ScienceGO = PokemonGO for Open Science School
What's new -- we're checking in! How's Life Since Co-Lab?
Continuing co-lab workshop
Form 1-2 people from the workshop who do the workshop by themselves later on (Make mentors within each workshop)
Create tutorials of projects
Invite highschool to collaborate (projects emerge from highschools, ask alumni to present in highschool, ask students to add to their projects)
Put co-lab into the school, work with teachers, work with students from highschools)
Involving a local government in the successful implementation of a co-lab project
Create a 'compressed version' of the workshop that takes place in one night
Create a 'hack' style event that can be put adjacent to major conferences
Make a group of reviewers to conserve the project after -- to maintain communications and publish papers about the projects after they take place
Ambassador in each country in charge of co-lab workshop
Organize similar theme co-labs in different geo-areas, and open challenge to share results
Speak of open data as we would speak of open science
Ambassador by field or discipline who coordinates or participates in workshops
Database -> MAP
Local Ambassador

Online meetup
Alumni - to start OSS within their inst.
Physical meetups - local, 1x /yr
Co-lab AirBnB (for travel, to provide lodging)

Categories based on:
Types of projects
Past and future events

Accessible only to members
Activity of each month summarized and published -> forms ad for OSS

Filter based on geography / location (range restriction)

Shows matching alumni / projects / events
User registers to go to OSS workshop
is invited to OSS
Open Science Monster Map
"Will the projects be continued or be pursued beyond today?"

"Where can I find other people who will participate with me?"
User gets link to Map, clicks link
- Explores nearby places
- Nearby projects
- Sees list of qty of people, but not names
User gets link to Map, clicks link
- Explores nearby places and people
Who is the user?
- Looking for a project to join
- wants interdisciplinary dialogue
Promote via coffeeshop / chain
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