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East and Southeast Asia Review

world geography

alexa vecchio

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of East and Southeast Asia Review

East and Southeast Asia Review Do you remember... south asia was partitioned
because of religion- becoming India,
East and West Pakistan resulting in a
mass migration of people. The cast system is a
division of labor and
social class Jakota! japan South Korea Taiwan Singapore island nation by itself China! manufaturing giant longest river:
Yangtze Communtist leader:
Mao Zedong isolation led to
China's unique culture reduce population through
the one child policy British forced China to sign treaties
dividing it into spheres of influence Landforms! Ring of fire: plate
tectonic activity Archipelago: cluster
of close islands The Huang He (yellow) river's floods helping the farming in that region The plateau of Tibet is the
is called the roof of the world The gulf of tonkin is
where the US first got
involved in the vietnam war The Mekong river is
important to Indochina Three Gorges Dam controls flooding
hydroelectric power
lets ships farther inland
Bad: pollution- kills endangered
species and floods ancient cities Control and Division North and South Korea split because
of the different governments The British controlled Hong Kong until 1997 The Khymer Rouge-
leader was Po Pot
occupied Cambodia
Vietnam helped free the peps
killed education Religions Buddism
Daoism Shintoism Confucious Random Facts!! Sumatra was devestated
by a Tsunami Taiwan is an
economic tiger Main problem of Japan:
not enough land PCB: a pesticide, affected
the Japanese becasue it led
to birth defects Alot of Muslims in
Indonesia ASEAN: an economic
trade alliance
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