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Logical Fallacies in Social Media

No description

Alex Flory

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies in Social Media

Logical Fallacies in Social Media
Hasty Generalization
Faulty Analogy
Here flogicallylawless makes a comparison between Fox's belief that a Muslim isn't capable, or should not be allowed, to write a book on Christianity, and the idea that men should not create laws pertaining to women. The two are completely unrelated to one another which is why it can be classified as a faulty analogy.
Slippery slope
Straw Man
This comic is a perfect example of a straw man, both in the literal and argumentative sense. The straw man counters common arguments by misinterpreting the original argument in order to make it easier to refute.
Due to this person's blatant lack of knowledge in the area of biology, she came to the false conclusion that because dinosaur skeletons are generally held together using plaster and wire, there is no way they could have possibly existed. Hence it being categorized as a hasty generalization in part to her lack of solid evidence.
In this compilation of ads from Direct TV, the narrator suggests that the initial event will inevitably be followed other events without any logical/rational explanation as to how the events are linked to one another. This is done in order to prove that the initial event should/should not occur, therefore classifying it as a slippery slope.
False Dilemma
This is a perfect example of a false dilemma. This person claims that since you can only be gay or straight, bisexuality is nonexistent. This manner of thinking is generally a result of close mindedness.
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