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Mission To Mars

No description

Chris Santos

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Mission To Mars

On Mars you will need lighting, plumbing, technology, communication, heat, AC, oxygen
This energy needs to be in electricity form that can be used for the things you need.
To support your everyday life you will need machinery, water for hydro power and windmills.

We will need water for growing crops, drinking, hygiene, and hydro power.
Water can be obtained by melting ice caps at the poles of Mars.
We will need plumbing and water filters to help us access clean water.
We will bring these systems up to Mars with us.

Our shelter needs to provide protection from harmful radiation (that causes cancer), heat source, and breathable air.
On Mars we need to be sheltered from cold, radiation and weather.
We need buildings for hospitals, stores, fire departments and police departments.
We would build our structures with lighter materials but would need to be heavier to stay in the ground due to less gravity. There need to be support systems for pipes and electricity.

To sustain a permanent colony on Mars, we will need to have dairy, protien, fats, grains, fruits and vegetables. We can grow it and it could be sent from earth. To grow the food we will need oxygen, water, soil, sunlight, fertilizer and seeds. Also to keep it fresh and to cook it we will need stoves, refrigerators, ovens and utensils to eat with. We still need to figure out how to bring up meats and dairies that require refrigeration up from earth.
Mission To Mars
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