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Fashion Week Trend Report

No description

Piper Livingston

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Fashion Week Trend Report

Frilly and dainty floral embellishments have been scattered across the runways, the added softness has intrigued the hearts of many designers. The distinct feminine embellishments create a whimsical fantansy for the storyline of these collections. Adding a 3D popping effect to these classic pieces really gives an emphasis on the detailing performed in creating these collections for fall.
“We wanted something light for heavy times,” Ryan Lobo for Tome
Dainty Embroideries & Embellishments
Mixed Prints
The 60's and 70's has proven to remain strong amangst every season, for fall we will be seeing this era with more of a modern approach on the rich neatrals. It's all about the chiffon blouses and tights paired with embellished dresses and flares with suede jackets. Diane von Furstenburg seizes to fail with her embracement of women through every era. Her collection is an example of how the warm tones with mixed print are the perfect layers for any woman's closet.
Monday, March 7th, 2016
By: Piper Livingston
Lace it Up
Fashion Week Trend Report
faux leather bomber jacket
Proenza schouler
structured top
tanya taylor
black jacket with dainty flowers
Alexander Wang
cropped top with metal pinwork
Elie Saab
leather jacket with floral accents
monochromatic corset dress
Alice + Olivia
jean jacket with patches
Anna Sui
printed shift dress
Peope will continue to see the most often used trend of laces but instead of just the typical lace-up top it will now be incorporated from the bottoms of tops, shoulders, the sides of dresses and for an extra detail on the trim of jackets and zippers. The effort of the lace is used in more edgy apparel for the fall season. This look adds a little more sexiness for every womans wardrobe.
Anthony Vaccarello
one sleeved drss
Antonio Beradi
velvet and chiffon dress
See by Chloe
chiffon maxi skirt
printed button up with suede skirt
Trench coat with frilley sleeves
Diane von Furstenurg
chiffon blouse with tweed skirt
boho blouse with suede skirt
Photo Credit: vogue.com
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