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Noko website development process

No description

Steven Attewell

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Noko website development process

From idea to release
Gather information
Understand your audience
Understand your industry
Client branding
Site goals
Visitor goals
Develop functional requirements
Website Development Process
Team roles and responsibilities
Finalise project plan
Create Schedules
Set up development environment
Communication plan
Requirements specification
Content delivery plan
IA, site map, navigation considerations
Define user paths
Define user scenarios
Design concepts
Small number of concepts used to sign off design direction. Design and functionality are combined in the next stage...
Sign Off
Sign Off
Final Design
Merge everything so far into final designs.
Present designs, gather feedback.
Sign Off
For one or more features:

Interface development
Browser testing
Some essential content input
For one or more features:

Editor setup
Editor workflow
Technical development
Sign Off
Change Management
Release Candidate
Final site testing
Browser / device testing
Testing all site functionality
Sign Off
Content entry
Client finalises content
Client Launch Plan
Inform your audience?
Run promotions?
Release promotional material?
Go Live
Release candidate goes live to the world

What next?
Phase 2
Continual improvement programme
Did we correctly understand your requirements?
Are all parties sold on the design direction?
Design Iterations
Present designs
Design work
Are you ready for the site to be built?
Design and functionality changes will go through the change control procedure.
Does the feature work how we agreed?
Are you happy for the site to go live?
Test feature(s)
The weekly meeting will highlight any new features available for testing
Specification Design Implement Test Release
Review Party
Management review of the final release candidate
Working release candidate
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