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Criminal Defense Attorney

No description

Ema Waring

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney
Required Skills
Being a lawyer, especially a criminal defense attorney, is not easy. Some skills that are a MUST for this job include:
Being able to debate and argue. This means you can convince your audience that your client is guilty or not guilty. And you also are put on the spot quite often, so having good debate skills to back up your information is necessary to be a good lawyer.
Having good people skills. Like, being trustworthy. Someone is not going to come to you with their problems if they feel they cannot trust you.
Working hard. Being a criminal defense attorney often means late nights, stress, and putting the pieces of a puzzle together quickly.

Being a lawyer requires time and money. First, you have to get an undergraduate (four year) degree and then register for law school. If you get accepted, you will have to take three years of law school and pass the bar exam to get your license. This can cost from $120,000 to $360,000 depending on what school you go to.
Criminal Defense Attorneys interview witnesses for evidence
Lawyers HAVE to persuade both the judge and the jury that the criminal is or is not guilty, based on the situation.
Judy Smith, a famous lawyer/ crisis manager
Like I said, being a criminal defense attorney is not easy. Many challenges include:
Working hard and late at night
Digging up evidence to support the case
Representing a client you dont want to support
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For all the hard work, lawyers and attorneys do make good wages. A skilled beginner usually makes around $50,000, and an experienced attorney can make 150,000+ a year. It really depends on how many clients you have.
Some lawyers that work for celebrities can make millions off of one case if they succeed.
The law profession started in the early ages, Before Christ.
Until money became popular, people often exchanged goods for a lawyer's service.
Lawyers and attorneys have been hated ever since the job was created. Kings and royals hated lawyers that would argue and out-smart them, and nowadays if you are on the opposing side of a good lawyer, the opposing side will also not like you.
Time/ Travel
It all depends on the situation if a lawyer has to travel or not. If you are a really good, famous lawyer people from all around the world will want you to support them in a case. That requires lots of travel, but your clients will pay for the expenses. If you just have a firm somewhere small, you will probably just manage cases in your area.
When I took my personality
assessment it gave me these
Clergy/Religious Worker
None of which I am interested
in. So, I decided to research criminal defense attorneys, because they fight for justice and protect the rights of citizens.
So, after researching criminal defense lawyers I still would love to have the job. Investigating witnesses, digging up evidence, working late at night, going to court and debating all sound amazing to me, and something I would love to do.
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