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No description

Alyssa Smith

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of W

What is Lupus ?
Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the immune system
With it, the body develops antibodies that attacks the body's own tissue
Who gets Lupus ?
Lupus usually develops in young women of child-bearing years but is also found in men.
It has been tied to genetic and environmental factors as well.
90% of patients can lead a normal life.
Who's at risk?
Women are 9x more likely than men to contract Lupus
It is 3x more common in African-American women than their Caucasian counterparts.It is also common in Hispanics, asians, and Native americans.
Lupus is most commonly diagnosed between15-45 years of age
Famous Patients
Lady Gaga
Micheal Jackson
Toni Braxton
Flannery O'Connor
Filipino president Ferdinand Marcos
Former First Lady Barbara Bush
What are the side effects of Lupus?
Extreme Fatigue
Painful or swollen joints (arthritis)
Unexplained fevers
Skin rashes
Kidney problems
Lupus By: Alyssa Smith
Works Cited
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